Grant Name: Aboriginal Affairs Grants Program







This Department delivers a grants program to increase the provincial government’s capacity to address Aboriginal issues. The purpose of the Grants Program is to fund small-scale, non-profit projects/initiatives of a social, cultural, and educational nature. The Department provides small grants to individuals, First Nation communities, and Aboriginal Organizations for a variety of events, projects and initiatives to help improve the government’s relationship with First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations.


The application procedure is outlined below:

  • The application is received in its completed form by this Department.
  • The application is reviewed and evaluated for criteria compliance, funding levels, and eligibility of activity.
  • A recommendation is made to Senior Management.
  • Funding approval is authorized or rejected.
  • If approved, a Letter of Offer specifying the conditions of approval for financial support is forwarded to the applicant for review and acceptance (a signed copy of the letter must be returned);
  • If rejected, a Letter of Notification is forwarded to the applicant stating the reason for the application’s rejection.
  • Funds are released according to specified conditions of approval as indicated in the Letter of Offer.
  • The review process takes one to two weeks once the application is received fully completed with the supporting documentation. The above-mentioned release of funds will be processed and forwarded to the applicant within another two to three weeks following completion of all procedures. This Department will work closely with the applicant to ensure an efficient turn-around.

As mentioned, the department grants program supports small-scale, non-profit projects. The support of such projects requires that certain criteria be met for all to receive fair consideration. The criteria is self-explanatory and is provided for your convenience and understanding. .

The following conditions/criteria apply:

  • A grant application must be competed, with the relevant supporting documentation attached, and submitted to the department at the address indicated below. Response to a grant application will be delayed if insufficient information is provided.
  • The applicant requesting a grant must 18 years of age or older, currently registered with a First Nation community (Status) and must reside in New Brunswick; a First Nation community, or an Aboriginal Organization recognized by the department.
  • All projects/initiatives must be supported by a First Nation community or an Aboriginal Organization.
  • Applicants must have a least one other source of funding or in-kind support.
  • Applicant is limited to one submission per year
  • Upon completion of the project/initiative for which a grant has been provided, the recipient is required to provide a final report within 30 days summarizing and evaluating the project/initiative as well as a financial statement that lists all revenues and expenditures.
  • Eligibility criteria are reviewed on an annual basis and is subject to change at any time.
  • The minister responsible for Aboriginal Affairs at his/her discretion may vary the terms and conditions as a basis for providing a grant.

How to Apply?


Funding Amount

range from $ 250 to $ 2,500.

Contact Information

675 King Street

Processing Fee



New Brunswick
Non-Profit / Community

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