Grant Name: Advanced Exploration and Development Support





Applications are being expected on an ongoing basis


Aboriginal Participation Fund

    • Developed to support indigenous communities and organizations participate in regulatory process under the Mining Act, as well as economic development activities associated with mineral exploration and development
    • This is one of five streams available

Assists communities in areas with high mineral development activity to respond to advanced exploration and mine development projects

Funding is project based, limited to the costs associated with coordinating the review of advanced exploration and development projects, not intended to replace support received from project proponents


Available for indigenous communities in Ontario that are in high mineral development activity

Priority is given to communities that do not have existing Mineral Development Advisor (MDA), communities with MDAs are encouraged to apply if their current workload requires additional support to respond to advanced exploration and development project requests

The Indigenous communities should discuss this sub-stream with one of the Ministries Exploration and Development Consultants (MEDC) before applying

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