Grant Name: Arts – Production/Presentation Organizations – Core Support Program – B





March 7, 2022


This program provides grants to small Production/Presentation-based arts organizations to cover some of the operations costs to strengthen arts organizations in their capacity to produce creative work and to deliver cultural programming across the province.


Non-profit arts organizations whose main activity is the production of performing art works or the presentation of visual or media art works, and that operate as a Canadian incorporated company held and controlled by New Brunswick residents.

This program is intended more specifically for small Production: professional performing arts organizations; and, for small Presentation: professional visual and media arts organizations.

*Please refer to the guidelines which contain important information about the criteria and conditions of this component.

Funding Amount

Up to a maximum of $25, 000

Contact Information

Heritage and Museums (Division)
20 McGloin Street, Fredericton

Processing Fee



New Brunswick
Arts, Culture

English French
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