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Year 5 of the Building Energy Benchmarking (BEB) Program has been officially launched and we are accepting new registrations. The program is for owners and operators of buildings (over 5,000 square feet) in Edmonton. Anyone can register; however, the building owner must consent to participation. Participants will benefit from technical support, customized building benchmarking reports, and access to financial incentives ($10,000/building) to help offset the cost of an energy audit.


the following eligibility requirements must be met:

  1. The participant must be a registered participant in Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking program, having submitted at least one year of building data via ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.
  2. The participant must intend to participate in future years of the Building Energy Benchmarking program, submitting a statement of this intent to the city via the online registration form.
  3. The energy audit must conform to the standard of ASHRAE Level 2 energy audit (energy survey and analysis).
  4. The energy audit must be completed within the calendar year following a year of reported energy performance through Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking pilot program. For example, if the participant submitted 2020 energy consumption data, then the energy audit must have taken place after January 1, 2021 and be submitted to the City of Edmonton to be eligible for a rebate.
  5. The completed energy audit report must be submitted to the city, along with proof of payment for the audit services detailing the cost of individual building energy audits if the invoice covers more than one energy audit.
  6. The energy audit must have been completed (as indicated on the report) by a qualified professional who is not an employee of the building owner or manager, and who is or has the following qualifications:
    • Professional Engineer
    • Certified Energy Manager
    • Or equivalent industry experience, at the sole discretion of the City of Edmonton; please confirm that the professional’s qualifications are sufficient before engaging the audit services.
  7. The content of the energy audit report must, at a minimum, include:
    • A facility description including physical characteristics of the eligible facility, as well as its current condition, state of repair and maintenance, approximate date of last major renovation, age and construction type.
    • A description of major energy using equipment including lighting, HVAC, controls and their capacity, condition, and estimated remaining years of service.
    • A complete breakdown of current building energy usage (covering at least 1 full year of historical billing data), consumption and costs by end-use type, and an analysis of irregular energy use patterns.
    • A list of energy conservation measures, both considered and recommended, as well as considered and not recommended. For all recommended energy conservation measures, the following metrics must be included: ○
    • Annual electricity savings (kWh)
    • Annual natural gas savings (GJ) ○ Annual GHG reductions (tCO2e)
    • Measure life (years) ○ Lifetime GHG reductions (tCO2e) ○ ECM Cost ($) – to an accuracy of +/- 50% ○ Annual Cost Savings ($) – to an accuracy of +/- 30% Energy Audit Rebate Program Info Sheet – 2021 3 ○ Simple Payback (years)
    • Identify operational and commissioning opportunities for low and no cost measures to reduce energy consumption.
    • Recommended next steps, and where applicable, budget pricing for any further detailed (Level 3) study requirements to further define potential opportunities.
    • Other requirements deemed valuable to the city as part of the program implementation.
  8. The City may, at its sole discretion, require the energy audit report to include any other requirements that the City determines is necessary prior to the payment of any funding.

How to Apply?

Complete application provided on the website and submit online

Funding Amount

The City of Edmonton will provide a one-time rebate of 50% of the cost, up to $10,000, per eligible building. A maximum of three rebates can be provided per owner or ownership group, as defined by the City of Edmonton at its sole discretion, each year to help cover the cost of an energy audit in participating buildings.

Contact Information

City of Edmonton
(780) 442-5311

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Edmonton, AB


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