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The Canadian Family Justice Fund contributes financial assistance for family justice activities that inform Canadians about family law topics such as parenting arrangements and child/spousal support. It also supports the development of new strategies, models and tools intended to improve access to family justice.

The Projects component is designed to support:

the development, implementation and evaluation of provincial and territorial innovative family justice services and programs.

projects/activities that inform Canadians about family law issues such as parenting arrangements, child/spousal support guidelines, and support/access enforcement measures and other access to family justice services; or

the development of new strategies, models or tools intended to improve access to family justice.


Any of the following may be eligible for funding for projects/activities under the Projects component of the Canadian Justice Family Fund:

  • provincial and territorial government departments, agencies, or other organizations designated by provincial and territorial governments to be responsible for child support, the enforcement of support orders and agreements and parenting arrangement programs and services
  • individuals
  • non-profit professional organizations, societies or associations
  • non-profit organizations, societies or associations
  • educational institutions

private sector organizations sponsoring non-profit projects in partnership with federal, provincial, or territorial governments

How to Apply?

To apply for funding, contact the Department of Justice Canada’s Programs Branch.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications:

The Canadian Family Justice Fund has been designed to address specific priorities. Under the Projects component, a minimum of one priority, listed below, must be addressed in the workplan:

 Supporting Well-being of Family Members:

This priority includes activities that help support the overall well-being of family members engaging with the family justice system including:

  • The emotional well-being of family members, for example so that parents understand the importance of focusing on their children’s best interests in parenting matters, and/or communicating more effectively with the other parent;
  • The economic well-being of family members which contributes to poverty reduction;
  • The physical well-being of family members, in particular in cases of family violence.

 Reaching Diverse and Underserved Populations:

This priority supports access to family justice for diverse and underserved populations such as: Indigenous communities, newcomers to Canada, Official Language minorities, individuals whose primary language is neither English nor French, and rural and northern populations.

 Supporting Alternatives to Court:

This priority includes programs and services that support alternatives to court that reduce their need in family law matters, including the need for courts to adjudicate contested family law matters.

 Improving and Streamlining Family Justice System Links/Processes

This priority supports the simplification of family court processes, information sharing between courts and family justice services, improved coordination with other parts of the justice system.

Contact Information

Canada Family Justice Fund
Programs Branch, Department of Justice Canada
284 Wellington
Ottawa ON K1A 0H8

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