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Commemorate Canada funding applications may be submitted at any time.

It is recommended to submit the application at least six months before the start of the project.


The Commemorate Canada program provides funding to initiatives that commemorate and celebrate historical figures, places, events and accomplishments of national significance.

The program favours commemorations and celebrations marking 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th anniversaries and subsequent anniversaries in increments of 25 years.

For the commemoration of an individual, at least 10 years must have passed following their death.


Eligible funding recipients under Commemorate Canada include the following:

  • Canadian non-profit organizations (corporations, trusts, cooperatives, unincorporated associations, etc.);
  • Canadian business corporations, where projects are non-commercial in nature;
  • Canadian educational institutions; and
  • Canadian provincial or territorial governments, municipal governments, First Nations governments (or equivalent authorities) and other municipal, provincial or territorial institutions of Canada.

Federal departments, their institutions and portfolio agencies as well as private individuals and political parties cannot apply for funding.

Eligible projects must meet the following criteria:

  • be of national interest and national or multi-regional in scope;
  • include a learning component to increase Canadians’ knowledge of Canada’s history;
  • enhance the sense of pride and belonging to Canada;
  • provide opportunities for Canadians to participate in commemorative activities and/or celebrations of national significance;
  • engage at least one of the following target groups: youth, Aboriginal, Official Languages linguistic minority communities, or, ethno-cultural communities; and
  • have obtained financial or in-kind support from other sources (applicant and/or partners).

The following projects are not eligible for funding under Commemorate Canada:

  • projects taking place abroad or that are local in scope;
  • commemorations of living individuals;
  • fairs and festivals;
  • major infrastructure projects; and
  • activities designed for fundraising purposes or that generate commercial advantage or profit or that are part of the ongoing operations of the applicant.

How to Apply?

Read these Application Guidelines in their entirety before completing your application.

Contact Commemorate Canada to request an application package or to inquire about the list of the anniversaries of significance.

Funding Amount

Determined by individual applications

Contact Information

Department of Canadian Heritage
Commemorate Canada
25 Eddy Street
Suite 100
Gatineau, Quebec


1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)


1-888-997-3123 (toll-free)

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