Grant Name: Commercial New Construction Performances Incentives








This Program provides incentives for larger, more complex buildings that achieve a higher whole-building energy performance than minimum levels required by the BC Building Code. It offers a clear incentive structure, accurate energy-saving estimates and allows for innovative solutions to help achieve whole-building energy performance.


  1. The project must be located in a FortisBC natural gas and/or electricity service area, including municipal utilities of Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland and Nelson Hydro.
  2. The program is for the construction of new Part 3 commercial buildings.
  3. The project must be in the pre-construction phase when applying to the program.
  4. If the project is a multi-unit residential or mixed-use residential/commercial building and natural gas will only be used for domestic hot water and ventilation in corridors, amenity rooms and/or retail/office spaces, but NOT in-suite ventilation, the following conditions must be met for using natural gas efficiently:
    • Ventilation:
      • The mechanical engineer must provide a description of the ventilation design in natural gas-served areas and explain how heating energy will be reduced, including rationale for CFM (cubic feet/minute) per door for corridor ventilation2 and control strategies such as lower temperature set points.
      • Gas-fired equipment must use condensing technology.
    • Domestic hot water:
      • Water-efficient showerheads and faucet aerators must be incorporated to reduce hot water use relative to building code maximum flow rates.
      • Boilers must also use condensing technology.

For other projects, contact your FortisBC account manager or technical advisor to determine eligibility.

How to Apply?

  1. Review the Commercial New Construction Performance Participant guide.
  2. Early in the design phase, contact your FortisBC key account manager, energy solutions manager or technical advisor to discuss your project. We’ll then schedule a project kick-off meeting between you, your design team and FortisBC to see if the project is a good candidate for program participation.

Funding Amount

Based on each individual application

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