Grant Name: Community Catalyst Grant


Please note that the Community Catalyst Grant application process for this 2021-2022 year has now closed as funds have already been awarded to successful applicants



Applications were accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed after the following deadlines (funding dependent): Friday, July 16; Friday, August 27; Friday, October 29; and Wednesday, December 15, 2021.


The PEI Wellness Grant Program’s Community Catalyst Grant provides an opportunity for Island groups and organizations to build local capacity and mobilize around wellness efforts in their communities. The intention of the Community Catalyst Grant is to support community-led health and wellness initiatives that lead to  outcomes such as: new knowledge or resources; asset-mapping and skill-building; and increased capacity for sustainable action on healthy living within communities.

Possible project outcomes include:

  • Project plan or strategy
  • Knowledge-building/information sharing
  • Programs, activities, and services*
  • Policy development at municipal or organizational level

*At least one of the priority areas of action listed in the criteria below must be a primary focus, outcome, or aim of any proposed program, activity, and service. 


Project proposals must meet the following criteria:

  1. Proposals for the Community Catalyst Grant should support community capacity-building and community-led solutions to an identified need in one of the following areas: mental wellness, healthy eating, physical activity, responsible alcohol use and tobacco reduction. 
  2. Additionally, funding will be awarded based on evidence of (at least one of) the following priority areas:
    1. Organizational capacity-building and knowledge sharing/education to strengthen local groups, communities, and non-profits engaged in health promotion programming.
    2. Removing barriers to community participation and healthy living for populations susceptible to health inequities (e.g., low-income families, newcomers, Indigenous, 2SLGBTQ+, people living with disabilities, etc.)
    3. Enhancing social connectedness and social supports through bringing community members together.

 Eligible applicants include:

  • Local or regional non-profit organizations within PEI
  • Small community organizations and groups
  • Mi’kmaq First Nations or other Indigenous organizations
  • Small businesses
  • Municipalities
  • Schools

Notes: Individuals are not eligible to apply. Eligibility is restricted to groups and organizations operating within Prince Edward Island. Applicants can submit multiple applications for different projects; however, applicants will not receive funding for more than one project for the Community Catalyst Grant.

Proposed projects must align with the Wellness Grant Program funding priorities and meet eligibility requirements of the Community Catalyst Grant.

How to Apply?

Please note: You must complete the online form in one sitting. You cannot save your work and return to finish it later. You are advised to complete the project plan (described below) before opening the online form so you can either upload the completed document or copy and paste prepared text into the text field provided for each section.

You will be asked to provide:

  • Contact information for the business or organization
  • Type of organization
  • Detailed project information including:
    • Project title
    • Expected start and end dates
    • Estimated total cost of project and grant amount requested
    • Region the project will take place, including specific community and/or settings
    • Health behaviour being addressed
    • Priority area for action being addressed
    • Detailed plan for proposed project using the Project Plan Template. The template can be filled out in advance to upload, or you can have questions prepared to enter into the online form. The questions are as follows:
      • What is your proposed project?
      • Who will be impacted by this project and how many people do you expect to reach?
      • Why is this project needed and how will it create healthier people and communities in PEI?
      • What do you anticipate the impact of the project will be on your community or population?
      • How do you plan to promote this project in your community?
      • List any other organizations or partners that will be involved in the implementation of your project and their anticipated contribution.
      • If your project involves any size of public gathering, briefly outline how you will ensure that current COVID-19 regulations from the Chief Public Health Office will be met.

Additional background information on health promotion concepts and grant application writing resources can be found here.

Funding Amount

Up to a maximum of $2,500

Contact Information

Processing Fee



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