Grant Name: Community Support Organizations Operating Funding





March 1, 2022


This grant provides annual funding to eligible not-for-profit community organizations that provide arts programs and services to communities, including those with limited arts opportunities.


To be eligible for Community Support Organizations operating funding, you must:

  • have programming in artist support and development, artist training or public participation in the arts as your organization’s principal mandate as stated in its incorporation document

Your organization must:

  • be a not-for-profit organization
  • be registered and in good standing under the appropriate legislation and have been in operation in Alberta for at least two years
  • have at least 50% of the organization’s board members living in Alberta
  • demonstrate the ability to operate using good governance principles, effective administration practices, and a commitment to fiscal responsibility while maintaining its mandate
  • operate as a stand-alone arts organization at arms-length from municipalities, commercial enterprises, or organizations and institutions receiving annual operating funds from the Government of Alberta or its affiliates

Ineligible applicants

Organizations that are engaged primarily in competition-based activity are not eligible for AFA funding.

First-time applicants

If this is your organization’s first application for AFA Community Support Organizations operating funding, you must contact the AFA at least three months before the deadline for a preliminary eligibility assessment.

As a first-time applicant, your organization must provide approved financial statements that demonstrate the organization has positive net assets for the two annual fiscal periods immediately prior to application.

How to Apply?

We only accept applications through the Grant Administration Tracking and Evaluation (GATE) online application system.

We must receive your online application through GATE no later than 11:59 pm Mountain Time on the deadline date, unless the deadline falls on a statutory holiday or a weekend when it will be extended until the next working day. Please give the system time to process your application so that the AFA receives notification of your submission before the deadline falls.

GATE username registration

First-time applicants will require a GATE username and password. Contact us via email at least five business days prior to the application deadline with the following:

  1. the contact’s name of the individual responsible for preparing your application
  2. the legal name of your organization
  3. the contact person’s email address

The GATE username and password will be sent to the email address provided.

What to include in your application

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please download the GATE user guide for this funding opportunity.

GATE online forms

  • Contact Information which includes street and mailing address, primary and secondary contact names, phone numbers and email adresses
  • Organization Information, which includes the organization’s legal name, Alberta Registration number and incorporation date and fiscal year-end
  • Applicant Agreement which includes the name and position of your legal signing authority
  • Current Board List which includes names, titles, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and start dates for all current members
  • Statement of Eligible Expenses, using the data from the most recent, approved financial statements, which includes total expenses (eligible and ineligible expenses), revenue, government grants and membership information
  • Diligence Questionnaire, which asks questions about your programming, financial management and stewardship


Attachments must be developed prior to application, using either original documents specific to your organization or preformatted AFA templates, and uploaded to your online GATE submission.

You’ll be required to complete and upload the following attachments:

  • list of planned activities for the coming year
  • completed activities report
  • your most recent annual financial statements including Balance Sheet, Statement of Revenues and Expenditures, and Statement of Cash Flows
  • most recent annual return from Alberta Corporate Registry
  • completed direct deposit form or void cheque​
    • Direct deposit form
    • please note that void cheques must include the legal name and address of the organization

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

Cynthia Enzenhofer, Arts Development Consultant – Sector Support
T: 780-415-0282

Processing Fee



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