Grant Name: Designated Heritage Property Incentive Grant Program





A single property is eligible to receive only one (1) grant every two (2) years after the date the City Council approved the initial heritage property incentive grant


In the public interest, the City of Brampton has established a heritage property incentive grant program intended to encourage and assist owners with the care of heritage properties designated under either Part IV or Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act. The Designated Heritage Property Incentive Grant is tailored to assist property owners with small to mid-size preservation and/or restoration projects. Projects must focus on the care and rehabilitation of existing heritage attributes or restoration that would contribute to the cultural heritage significance of the property or district and their reasons for heritage designation.


To be eligible, a property must be:

  • Designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, and;
  • Located within the City of Brampton; and
  • Free of property tax arrears, compliance orders, enforcement orders issued under property standards and maintenance By-laws, the Ontario Fire Code and any other outstanding fees, fines, orders or statutory violations.

The Designated Heritage Property Incentive Grants will only be paid when Council has passed the designating bylaw and the designation is registered on title.

Where a Designated Heritage Property contains non-heritage additions, or elements, or the proposed work involves new additions, only the Heritage Attributes of the property will be subject to the grant.

Heritage resources owned or used by any level of government are not eligible except where a non-profit community group has assumed, by long-term lease or legal agreement, responsibility for maintenance of the building. In these cases, the owner of the Designated Heritage Property shall make an application for the grant and authorize the organisation/ group to prepare, submit and speak to the request for a Heritage Permit Application and/ or Consultation, on his/ her behalf.

How to Apply?

See link below

Funding Amount

The program makes funds available to cover half of the cost of eligible conservation work (Refer Section 5) up to a maximum of $10,000, subject to available funding. The heritage property incentive grant must be matched by a contribution from the property owner.

Contact Information

City of Brampton
Planning, Design & Development
2 Wellington St W
Brampton, ON L6Y 4R2
905-847-3744 or 905-874-3825

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