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EcoSave is an energy retrofits program that offers on-bill financing to residents and businesses. Energy retrofits are upgrades which include upgrading insulation, reducing air leakage, and installing more efficient space and water heating systems. The program has been designed to simplify the process for homes and businesses to reduce energy consumption.


The process starts with an initial energy evaluation to identify where energy-saving opportunities are, then you can choose which recommendations to complete and then the process is finished with the post-evaluation to learn how much energy you will save.

You can access support through the process at any time, for the next steps, understanding rebates or help with determining your best options or 250-352-8278.

How to Apply?

  1. Register
    • Complete the registration form, save it to your computer and then email the completed form to Registration Form.
  2. Initial Energy Evaluation
    • The service provider will call you to schedule the initial home energy evaluation. Payment is due at the time of scheduling. For current pricing please: Click Here.
  3. Retrofits (Energy efficiency upgrades)
    • The homeowner gets quotes for retrofit work and materials.
    • If on-bill financing is chosen, the application process takes place here.
    • Homeowner completes the work, and/or hires contractor(s) to do the work.
    • Apply for rebates within deadline dates. (Read rebate details thoroughly for deadlines and eligibility requirements to avoid denied applications).
    • Once the work is complete contact the EcoSave Program Manager.
    • If on-bill financing was chosen – submit Request for Payment and equipment forms, and copies of invoices. 
  4. Post Retrofit Energy Evaluation
    • Schedule a post-retrofit evaluation through the service provider.
    • Apply for rebates.
    • An EnerGuide Label for your home will be sent to you.
  5. Completion
    • Utility usage data is collected and may be evaluated by the EcoSave Program to assess program benefits.
    • If on-bill financing was chosen – then payments will be added to your Nelson Hydro utility bill.

Funding Amount

Determined based on individual applications

Contact Information

Suite 101, 310 Ward Street

Nelson, BC V1L 5S4

Phone: 250-352-5511

Processing Fee



British Columbia


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