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May 27, 2021, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

August 12, 2021, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

October 7, 2021, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

February 3, 2022, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Please note:

Artists may only apply to one juried program (either Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording) within a 12-month period. For example, if an artist applies to the Artist Development program for the May 27, 2021 deadline and is unsuccessful, the same artist may not apply for Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording until the May 2022 deadline. However, successful Artist Development recipients can apply for a second Artist Development or Juried Sound Recording at the next deadline.

The top 20 applications below the successful funding threshold will be invited to reapply at the next deadline window without the 12-month waiting period. These applicants will be notified of their exemption alongside the communicated jury results.


The Artist Development program (AD) offers a $2,000 subsidy toward a year of artist development activities including sound recording, touring, showcasing, video content production, and marketing.

This program is intended to provide development support to emerging artists. Artists with an established track record and ongoing market momentum should review the Juried Sound Recording program.


Eligible To Apply

This program is intended to provide development support to emerging artists.

Artists who have commercially released music no more than 3 years prior to the application deadline are eligible to apply.

Artists with an established track record and ongoing market momentum should review the Juried Sound Recording program.

Not Eligible To Apply

Artists are not eligible to apply if they have commercially released music more than 3 years prior to the application deadline. For example, if an artist released a track on a streaming service or a physical album for sale prior to May 27, 2018, they would not be eligible to apply for the May 27, 2021 deadline.

Artists are not eligible to apply if the artist (or a label on the artist’s behalf) has received $10,000 or more from FACTOR in the past

An artist who has been previously funded outside of the eligibility period via Artist Development as a solo artist or member of a different group and has now embarked on a solo career or changed their name does not qualify for the AD program, as they are considered previously funded.

Songwriters and Artists rated 2 or 3 are not eligible for this program.

Record labels may not apply for this grant.

An artist may receive a maximum of two grants in the lifetime of the program.

How to Apply?

Application Process

  1. Prior to being able to make an application, all prospective Applicants must first
    • Register as a user in the Online System.
    • Create and submit an Applicant Profile for review; and
    • Receive an Applicant Rating. The Applicant Rating designates with programs the Applicant is eligible to apply to. See the Applicant Profile Tutorial Guide for detailed instructions.
  2. If the intended application is to a program supporting artists, then the Artist that is subject of the Application must also have an approved Artist Profile in the Online System. The Artist Profile must be approved by the Artist, but may be created and submitted by the Artist, the Applicant, or another user. There should only be one Artist Profile in the Online System for each unique Artist; for the purpose of making an application that Artist Profile may be used by the Applicant provided that permission to do so has been granted by the administrator of the Artist Profile. 17
  3. Where an Application Deadline has been designated by FACTOR, Applications (including all Mandatory Documents and uploads) must be submitted online no later than 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on the Deadline Date.
  4. Applicants are strongly advised to speak to a FACTOR representative well in advance of the Deadline Date in order to ensure that the Applicant, project, and costs are eligible, and to foresee other issues that might arise.
  5. Program Guidelines (including all rules and requirements) are subject to change and are frequently updated. Please check the FACTOR website prior to making an application to ensure you follow the current guidelines.
  6. All Applications are subject to the availability of funds as determined by FACTOR.
  7. Applications completed online must be submitted with all information and documents required in the online Application at the time of submission. Incomplete Applications will be rejected.
  8. If, during the online Application process, the Applicant encounters some technical difficulty related to the operation of FACTOR’s Online System, it is the responsibility of the Applicant to inform FACTOR by email or telephone, prior to the Deadline Date, if such technical problems impede the submission of an application. An application cannot be re-submitted if a report is filed after deadline.
  9. Hard copy Applications are not accepted unless the Applicant has received permission in advance from FACTOR. If permission is given, FACTOR will supply a hard copy Application Form. Hard copy Applications including all Mandatory Documents must be received at FACTOR’s office (not just post marked) by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time on deadline day. If allowed, all hard copy Applications MUST be completed in ink, on current, original, FACTOR- supplied, Application forms. Hard copy Applications and accompanying documentation must be legible. Hard copy Application materials will not be returned.
  10. FACTOR does not accept Applications of any kind by fax or email except by permission.
  11. The Program Guidelines and the information submitted in the Applicant Profile and/or Artist Profile as well as the contents of the Application and all related documentation are part of the General Agreement if the project is approved.
  12. Once the Application has been submitted, FACTOR staff review the documentation to ensure eligibility of the Applicant, the project, and the costs. FACTOR staff may, at their discretion, contact the Applicant to ask for additional materials or other clarification.
  13. FACTOR reserves the right to refuse any Application, for any reason, or to propose or impose modifications to the budget submitted.
  14. FACTOR reserves the right to make inquiries with third parties to verify any statements and/or costs submitted.
  15. The FACTOR Board of Directors has final approval in respect of all Applications and may modify the amount of funding requested as it sees fit. The Board of Directors, while finding an application and all of its costs to be eligible to be funded, may reduce, alter, pro-rate or refuse a contribution as it sees fit.
  16. Once the Board of Directors has approved or rejected an Application, FACTOR staff will notify the Applicant. FACTOR’s key terms and conditions of funding will be set out in an Annex to the General Agreement. This agreement must be executed by both parties before the Application will be processed further.
  17. Following full execution by both parties of the General Agreement, FACTOR may at its discretion offer to advance all or part of the approved amount of funding as an advance payment of the final Disbursement Amount. See 24.0 FACTOR Advance.

All Recipients are solely responsible for any income tax implications that may arise as a result of their receipt of FACTOR funding. FACTOR will issue a T4A tax form to all Recipients (excluding the Sponsorship program) who have received a minimum of $500. See FACTOR’s T4A FAQ Resource for more information.

Funding Amount

FACTOR will reimburse 75% of the eligible costs up to $2,000. To receive the full grant, applicants must complete the activities set out in an artist development plan and be able to prove that they incurred at least $2,667 worth of eligible expenses (including Donated Services) during the Artist Development year.

FACTOR will allow a claim for Artist’s Donated Services of up to $500 for this program. Beyond that, FACTOR will only recognize costs actually paid to third parties. Artists who do not intend to spend money on third-party costs are not eligible for this program.

Contact Information

247 Spadina Avenue, Third Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 3A8
416 696 2215

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