Grant Name: Family Innovations Scale Grant





Expression of Interest deadline August 24, 2022, 5p.m. ET
Notification of status of EOI Approximately 7 weeks after EOI deadline
Grant Application deadline November 9, 2022, 5p.m. ET
Notification of Grant Application Approximately 5-6 weeks after Grant Application deadline
Organization Mentor Application Open year round
Organizational Mentor Registration deadline January 27, 2023, 5p.m. ET
OM-Grassroots Group Collaborative Agreement deadline January 27, 2023, 5p.m. ET
Start date for all Grants No earlier than May 1, 2023


Looking to enhance or expand an existing project?

Are you a grassroots group led by parents, guardians, and caregivers? Apply for a Family Innovations Scale grant to support a project that you’ve been delivering for over two years, and that is designed to engage parents, guardians, and caregivers in your community. Parent-guardian-caregiver groups can.

  • Add to an existing project for a deeper impact with parents, guardians, and caregivers or
  • Expand a project to reach more parents, guardians, and caregivers


Group eligibility

The YOF supports projects led by parents, guardians, and caregivers who share identities, experiences, and face the same systemic barriers as those who will benefit from the project.  This “by and for” principle is a requirement in all YOF funding streams.

We prioritize projects led by and for Indigenous and Black parents, guardians, and caregivers. Read our definition of Black- or Indigenous-led grassroots groups.

Eligible groups

Your group may be eligible if it:

  • Is led by parents, guardians, and caregivers who share identities and experiences with those they will engage in project activities
  • Exists independent of a larger organization.
  • Is based in Ontario
  • Has three or more core members
  • Is either an unincorporated group or an incorporated non-profit organization with independently managed revenues no higher than $50,000 in either of the last two years.
  • Agrees to work with an Organizational Mentor (OM)

 Ineligible groups

The following are not eligible to apply:

  • Registered charities
  • Groups specifically designed to serve parents, guardians, and caregivers through committees or clubs of institutions, including municipalities, universities, schools, and hospitals
  • Groups looking to design programming for children
  • For-profit businesses
  • Individuals

 Project eligibility

Your project may be eligible if it:

  • Submitted a complete application
  • Strongly aligns with your chosen YOF Priority Outcome
  • Project model has been implemented for two or more years, and there are strong benefits to parents, guardians and caregivers you’re engaging
  • Complies with OTF policies. Our policy requirements define eligibility for OTF funding and outline exclusions. Funds are granted to eligible applicants delivering eligible project activities that directly align with YOF Priority Outcomes.
  • Benefits parents, guardians, and caregivers

How to Apply?

  1. Key dates and Expression of Interest (EOI) submission
    • Review the Grant Application deadlines
    • Review the EOI questions at FI Resources to prepare your responses
    • Submit your application online
  2. Create a user profile
    • Start your application by logging in or creating a new user profile in our application portal
    • If you are creating a new user profile, please enter the name of your group’s primary contact with their email address. We will email this person a user ID, temporary password, and instructions on how to access the online Expression of Interest (EOI).
  3. Notification of shortlisting and Grant Application submission
    • We will tell you the status of your EOI around 4-6 weeks after the EOI deadline
    • Begin to research potential organizational mentors (OM)
    • If your group is shortlisted, you will be invited to submit a Grant Application
  4. Notification of Grant Application status
    • You will receive news on the status of your Grant Application around 6-7 weeks after the grant application deadline
    • If your application has been recommended for funding, we will ask you to submit information about your OM. This includes:
    • Working with your OM to review the Grant Application and finalize your Organizational Mentor-Grassroots Group Collaborative Agreement
    • Submitting the Organizational Mentor-Grassroots Group Collaborative Agreement by the deadline
    • Submit the signed agreement to
    • Asking your Organizational Mentor to submit the Organization Mentor Application (see below)
  5. OM application and assessment (OMs only)
    • Review relevant deadlines for the OM application
    • Is your organization new to OTF? If yes, Register online once the OM application is live
    • Is your organization already registered with the OTF? Once the OM application is live, you will Log in to apply online Look for Applications (YOF) in the top right corner. Click to access OM Application.
    • The YOF team will verify your organization’s eligibility
    • If your organization is not eligible, we will ask you to notify the relevant groups and project leaders impacted by this decision
  6. Recommendation and selection
    • The volunteer YOF Grant Review Committee will finalize funding recommendations following the submission of OM information
    • OTF’s Board of Directors approve these recommendations
  7. Notification of funding approval
    • If your Grant Application is funded, your OM will sign and uphold the grant contract with OTF
    • All applicants will be notified of the status of their Grant Application two months after you submit your Organizational Mentor – Grassroots Group Collaborative Agreement
  8. After approval
    • Start date: The start date is no earlier than May 1st of the year your grant starts.
    • Reporting & monitoring: In addition to scheduled touch points, grantees track activities, spending, and learning to complete the annual progress report and a final report.
    • Capacity building: Learn and connect with other YOF grantees by participating in YOF led events and making the most of capacity building funds available in your project budget.
    • Evaluation: Grantees must work with an external evaluation team to evaluate progress towards the chosen YOF outcome.
    • Completion: After OTF staff approve a Final Report, the grant hold-back funds are released, and the grant is closed.
    • Grantee compliance: A random sample of grants are subject to a Grantee Compliance Audit. Grant files can be audited for compliance at any point during the grant’s life, or after the grant has been closed.

Funding Amount

  • Minimum N/A
  • Maximum $125,000

Contact Information

1 800 263-2887
416 963-4927
TTY: 416 963-7905
Fax: 416 963-8781

Processing Fee




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