Grant Name: Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program





Funding will follow an open, competitive rounds-based application process

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Stage I: December 20, 2019 Stage I: March 20, 2020 Stage I: June 19, 2020 Stage I: September 18, 2020
Stage II: January 29, 2020 Stage II: April 28, 2020 Stage II: July 27, 2020 Stage II: October 26, 2020


Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Round 8
Stage I: December 18, 2020 Stage I: March 19, 2021 Stage I: June 18, 2021 Stage I: September 17, 2021
Stage II: January 27, 2021 Stage II: April 27, 2021 Stage II: July 26, 2021 Stage II: October 25, 2021


The Forest Sector Investment and Innovation Program provides funding for strategic investments in the forest sector that:

  • improve productivity and innovation
  • enhance competitiveness
  • support new market access
  • provide benefits to Ontario’s broader forest sector
  • strengthen regional economies

Support is available under two project categories:

  • business projects
  • collaboration projects

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Support is available for Ontario-based projects with at least $3 million in eligible costs undertaken by for-profit manufacturers and processors of wood and forest biomass across Ontario, including:

  • sawmills
  • pulp and paper mills
  • secondary wood manufacturers
  • bio-economy projects

Harvesting and resource extraction projects are not eligible for funding.

Collaboration Projects

Support is available for Ontario-based projects with at least $3 million in eligible costs undertaken through a collaboration of:

–          forest sector for-profit business

–          not-for-profit research organizations

–          forest industry associations

–          academia

Eligible collaborations should develop, diversify, and transform Ontario’s Forest sector through innovation in technology, process or products.

A minimum of three partners are required (including at least one Ontario-based for-profit forestry/wood products company)

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