Grant Name: Grant for Services and Equipment for Students with Permanent Disabilities







If you are student with a permanent disability enrolled in a program at a post-secondary educational institution, you may be eligible to receive the Canada-Saskatchewan Grant for Services & Equipment


  • Have a permanent disability defined as: A functional limitation caused by a physical or mental impairment that restricts the ability of a person to perform the daily activities necessary to participate in studies at a post-secondary school level or in the labour force and is expected to remain with the person for the person’s expected life;
  • Be enrolled in a full-time or part-time program at a designated post-secondary institution;
  • Provide written confirmation of the exceptional education-related services or equipment needed;
  • Provide proof of your permanent disability by having your doctor fill out the Verification of Permanent Disability Form. As an alternative, the doctor can provide a medical certificate describing the functional limitations of your disability and whether it is expected to be permanent; and
  • Have no outstanding receipts from previous services and equipment grant funding.

How to Apply?

Before applying, talk to the disability adviser at your educational institution and/or recognized disability organizations

  1. Fill out required documents
  2. Submit documents

Funding Amount

$20,000 for the Canada Grant Cap
$2,000 for the Saskatchewan Grant

Contact Information

Phone: 306-787-5620


Processing Fee



Saskatchewan, Canada
Student Aid

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