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March 15, October 15


This program helps Nova Scotian professional arts organizations create and present artistic work as well as strengthen their artistic and administrative capacity.


  • Non-profit professional arts organizations registered in Nova Scotia
  • Non-profit organizations registered in Nova Scotia employing professional artists for a project
  • University Art Galleries
  • A group of three or more professional artists (majority living in Nova Scotia) who are creating a new work together
    • Note: one group member will need to accept the funds and will receive a T4A slip
  • Nova Scotia-based publishers commissioning professional artists through the commissioning category

How to Apply?

Applications have both mandatory and optional components. The most detailed information is available on the application form. Below is a summary:

Mandatory Documents:

  • Application Form
  • Project Description
  • Cultural Context Statement (for applicants engaging with cultures outside their own)
  • Group member statements if you are submitting on behalf of a group of artists and not an organization
  • Schedule of Work
  • Background Information About the Organization
  • Detailed Budget (in addition to the Budget Summary on the application form)
  • Support Material (may be optional for professional development applications)

Optional Documents

  • Letters of Support
    • Letters of support or confirmation from any person or organization involved in the project may help strengthen your application. These letters do not count against your support material page limit.
  • Access Support application form (see above for more info)

Send your application to according to the instructions below. You can watch our YouTube tutorial Submitting Your Application Over Email for more detailed instructions.

Before Sending Your Email

  • Include your name on all files
  • Number your files in the order they should be opened (application forms have a list of required documents in order)
  • Ensure your page limits and file sizes are in line with the program guidelines
  • Upload large audio and video files to a streaming service such as YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud

When Submitting

  • Address your email to
  • Submit by 11:59pm the day of the deadline
  • Send one application per email
  • Subject line should be: “Your Name – Program Name – Category”
  • Keep attachments under 25MB
  • Do not attach large audio or video files; include a streaming link in the body of the email
  • Do not send cloud-based attachments (WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

Do not duplicate your application; do not send an additional hard copy

Funding Amount

Create and Present, $15,000 max per deadline

  • Supports your organization’s creation, development, production and/or presentation project
  • May be either a special one-time project or a series or recurring activity
  • For large, multi-faceted projects, it may be advisable to focus the application on a specific component

Commission, $5,000 max per deadline

  • Provides an artist fee, and materials, if necessary, to commission a professional artist outside of your organization to create a new work
  • For publishers: commission fees are creation fees and cannot be used as an advance against royalties. You are not required to publish work created through this stream, though you may choose to do so.

Professional Development, $5,000 max per deadline

  • Provides funding to help strengthen to artistic or administrative capacity of your organization or artistic community at large
  • Note for organizations receiving operating assistance:
  • Organizations receiving Operating Assistance to Arts Organizations in Group 1 are eligible for up to $10,000 in project funding and $5,000 in professional development funding annually. Group 2 and 3 organizations are eligible for up $5,000 in professional development funding annually.
  • Organizations receiving more that $10,000 in annual operating assistance from the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage are eligible for up to $10,000 in project funding and $5,000 in professional development funding annually.

Contact Information

Arts Nova Scotia
1741 Brunswick St., 3rd Floor
P. O. Box 456, STN Central
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 2R5

Lauren Williams (she/her), Program Officer
(902) 471-5720 |

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