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Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis


The Great Lakes Program is a grant initiative offered by the province to legal entities who are able to deliver projects that support the  Canada-Ontario Agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem HealthOntario Great Lakes Strategy, and/or the Great Lakes Protection Act.


The Great Lakes program works with eligible organizations with the expertise and skills to address significant environmental challenges facing the Great Lakes. To be considered for this invitational funding opportunity please email

Eligible organizations must:

  • Be a legal entity in existence for one year or longer as of the application date
  • Have a bank account at a Canadian financial institution that conducts business in Ontario
  • Demonstrate proven expertise, skills, and technical capacity to carry out projects that lead to positive outcomes for the Great Lakes
  • Demonstrates that project work aligned with meeting commitments that support the, and/or the
  • Have appropriate governance and control structures in place
  • Demonstrate reliable financial reporting
  • Be compliant with relevant laws and regulations

How to Apply?

Program guideline materials will be shared directly with eligible applicants.

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