Grant Name: Homeowner Grant


You must apply for the homeowner grant each year to receive it. Only one grant can be claimed for a property each year.



You can apply for your homeowner grant at any point in the tax year. If you apply before your tax notice is mailed to you, your application will remain in a pending status until that time.

You can check the status of your application online using your application confirmation number.

Late payment penalties may apply to your property taxes if your grant application isn’t received before the tax due date. The grant is a form of payment towards your property taxes, and it’s considered a late payment if you apply late.

However, you can still apply for the homeowner grant up to December 31 of the current tax year. You can apply even if you haven’t paid your property taxes.

If you qualified for the grant last year and didn’t apply, you may be able to claim the grant retroactively for up to one year.


Most eligible property owners qualify for the regular grant (also called the basic grant).

On top of the regular grant, you may qualify for an additional grant if you are:


To qualify for the grant:

If you are buying or selling your property, ensure you meet all requirements before claiming the home owner grant.

How to Apply?

The fastest and easiest way to apply for your homeowner grant is online.

You can also apply by phone using our automated self-serve system or with the help of an agent.

If you don’t have a computer or access to the internet, you can visit a Service BC location near you to use a computer terminal. Terminals are not available at Service BC locations in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver.

Anyone with your permission can apply on your behalf.

Apply online

To get started, you’ll need the jurisdiction and roll number for the property you are applying for. These numbers can be found on any of the following:

  • Your property tax notice
  • Your BC Assessment notice you received in January (see sample below)
  • A search through BC Assessment

You’ll also need your social insurance number. Your personal information is encrypted at the time of entry to ensure your information is kept secure.

Apply by phone using automated self-service

You can apply by phone anytime using our automated self-serve system if you are applying for the:

  • Regular grant, or
  • Senior grant

Funding Amount

The regular grant amount is $570 for properties located in the Capital Regional District, the Metro Vancouver Regional District and the Fraser Valley Regional District. For all other areas of the province the amount is $770.

If your property is assessed below the threshold and you meet certain requirements, you will receive the full regular grant amount. Properties assessed over the threshold may receive a partial grant (learn about the grant threshold).

Property owners must pay at least $350 in property taxes to help fund services such as road maintenance and police protection. This amount may be less if you qualify for the home owner grant as a seniorveteran or person with a disability. Your grant amount may be adjusted to ensure the minimum amount of annual taxes are paid.

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