An online directory that allows procurement officers and the private sector to identify Indigenous businesses.

The Indigenous Business Directory is designed to assist and support Indigenous businesses in the pursuit of business opportunities, including federal procurement. This directory is a resource available to all levels of government, as well as the private sector to identify Indigenous businesses.

Having a business profile in the directory will increase your visibility and may provide additional business. A profile in the directory can also allow businesses to compete for federal government contracts that are set-aside for Indigenous businesses through the Indigenous business and federal procurement.

Information collected for the business registration will create a public profile. However, some of the information is collected for program administration purposes and will not be made available to the public and will be protected in accordance with the Privacy Act.


A business is eligible to register in the directory if it meets the eligibility requirements for the Eligibility for Indigenous procurement set aside

Indigenous Services Canada conducts audits to ensure that Indigenous businesses in the directory meet the eligibility criteria.

How to Apply?

Contact the Business Development program for details on how to apply

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Contact Information

Business Development
Indigenous Services Canada
10 Wellington Street
Gatineau QC K1A 0H4
Tel: 1-800-400-7677
Fax: 819-956-9837

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