Grant Name: Indigenous Capacity Support Program







The Indigenous Capacity Support Program helps enhance meaningful engagement and leadership of Indigenous peoples in consultations on assessments. This funding is provided outside the context of specific project reviews.


Eligible recipients include Indigenous communities and Indigenous organizations.

How to Apply?

The Indigenous Capacity Support Program has three streams:

  • Stream 1: Program Partners
  • Stream 2: Community of Practice Events
  • Stream 3: Strategic Opportunities

Applications received will be considered depending on the availability of funding. Applicants can submit an expression of interest, proposal or application using their desired template in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Stream 3 is targeted to Indigenous communities or Indigenous organizations that the Agency has identified as a priority for capacity funding. Please consult the Program Guidelines for detailed information about the program. Specific eligible activities and criteria may be required for different funding opportunities within the program.

General eligible activities include:

  • Developing or supporting organizational capacity of Indigenous communities or organizations to participate in, direct and/or undertake assessments, as well as delivering information, data and studies to support the implementation of regional/strategic approaches or project impact assessments;
  • Strengthening awareness of impact assessment (IA) issues within Indigenous communities through outreach activities; and
  • Designing and delivering workshops; training programs or materials for Indigenous Peoples, communities or organizations related to IA, including activities to:
    • document current use of the land or resources;
    • identify environmental, health, social or economic impacts, impacts on rights, or document Indigenous knowledge;
    • participate in, leading and/or direct a project IA process;
    • lead community engagement and coordinate consultation; and
    • participate and/or lead follow-up and monitoring activities.

Funding Amount


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Indigenous Policy
Impact Assessment Agency of Canada

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