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Since 1978, federal financial support for the Indigenous Court work Program (formerly the Aboriginal Court work Program) is provided through contribution agreements with participating provincial governments.

In the three territories, federal financial support is provided through the Access to Justice Service Agreements. These Agreements integrate federal support for criminal and civil legal aid, Indigenous Court work, and Public Legal Education and Information.

In most jurisdictions, Indigenous Court work Services are delivered by Indigenous service delivery agencies under contract to the provincial or territorial government. In Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories, Court workers are employees of the provincial/territorial government. In Nunavut, Court work services are provided through Legal Services clinics.

Indigenous Court work Programs currently operate in every province and territory with the exception of Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick. Nationally, over 180 Court workers provide services to approximately 60,000 Indigenous clients in over 450 communities each year.


Provincial and Territorial governments are eligible to receive federal financial support for Indigenous Court work Program services

All Indigenous people in conflict with the law in Canada are eligible to receive Court work services regardless of their status, age or residency.

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For further information, please contact

Indigenous Court work Program
Programs Branch, Department of Justice Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8
Or electronically to:
Or by phone at: (613) 941-4193
Or by fax to: (613) 941-5446

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British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Nova Scotia,
Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Yukon

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