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A budget of $724.1 million is available for a comprehensive Violence Prevention Strategy to expand culturally relevant supports for Indigenous:

  • Women and their children
  • 2SLGBTQQIA+ people facing gender-based violence

The strategy supports new shelters and transitional (second-stage) housing across Canada for:

  • First Nations
  • Inuit
  • Métis

CMHC will allocate $420 million over 5 years to support the construction of new shelters and transitional housing.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) will invest $304.1 million over five years, and $96.6 million annually to:

  • support the operational costs of new shelters and transition homes
  • expand funding for culturally-relevant violence prevention activities. For information on funding for these activities, please visit the website for Family Violence Prevention Program (

This is a step towards the Government of Canada’s Federal Pathway to Address Violence Against Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ People.

It responds to the Calls for Justice (4.7 and 16.19) in the Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. It does so by developing and funding shelters and transitional housing for those escaping gender-based violence, including Indigenous:

  • Women and their children
  • 2SLGBTQQIA+ people

In In January 2021, the Government of Canada announced a commitment to fund the construction and ongoing operation of new Inuit-specific shelters for:

  • Women and their children
  • 2SLGBTQQIA+ people

The shelters will be located across Inuit Nunangat and in urban centres. Funding for the new Inuit specific shelters is part of the comprehensive Violence Prevention Strategy announced in the 2020 Fall Economic Statement. For Inuit shelters, information, a guide and an application are available on Pauktuutit’s website.

CMHC and Indigenous Services Canada continue to work with Pauktuutit and Inuit partners to roll out this initiative.


Indigenous organizations and governments across Canada will are eligible to apply. We will prioritize Indigenous applications.

Non-Indigenous organizations and governments are also eligible. They must indicate:

  • the Indigenous communities/population they will serve
  • demonstrate support from an Indigenous local authority, organization, and/or Indigenous-led service provider

How to Apply?

Please consult the Application Guide. The guide contains:

  • overview of the mandatory requirements
  • information about the online application process, including capital costs and the operating budget

2. Complete the Mandatory Application Worksheet

3. Complete the Integrity Declaration Form

4. Upload your application, mandatory application worksheet and the integrity declaration form to the attachments section of your application

Note: If you have internet connection issues, a paper copy application can be made available upon request. Please contact an Indigenous and the North Housing Solutions Specialist to request an application.

Funding Amount

Funding for this initiative will flow over 5 years starting in 2021-22. The allocation of funds is a contribution for up to 100% of eligible capital costs to use for:

  • new construction, or
  • acquisition and rehabilitation of existing buildings for the creation of new shelter and transitional housing spaces

CMHC will provide funding based on an average cost of up to:

  • $7.2 million per facility in Territories and Inuit Nunangat
  • $3.48 million per facility in Provinces across the country

Applicants must provide a construction budget that is specific to their proposed facility.

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) will provide:

  • An average annual allocation of $1 million to operate shelters in Territories and Inuit Nunangat
  • An average annual allocation of $800,000 to operate shelters in Provinces across the country
  • An average annual allocation of $500,000 for transitional housing across the country

We anticipate that budgets for transitional housing may incorporate some rent geared-to-income from clients as part of its operational budget.

Applicants must provide an annual operational budget that is specific to their proposed facility.

We understand that community needs and approaches are diverse. Applicants are encouraged to design services and/or support programming that best meet the unique cultural needs of their communities.

Contact Information

For additional help or questions preparing your application, please talk to your Indigenous and the North Housing Solutions Specialists.

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