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This Program offers rebates upon the installation of batt, loose fill, board and spray foam insulation products, which meet the applicable Canadian national thermal insulation standards. Insulation must be installed by a contractor with a valid BC business licence.


General eligibility

  1. The home must have:
    • a residential FortisBC natural gas account and/or
    • a residential FortisBC or municipal electricity account of Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland or Nelson Hydro
  2. If the registered owner of the property where upgrades were made is not the utility account holder (e.g. landlord/tenant) the owner must have the account holder complete the Utility Account Holder Consent form.
  3. The home must be a year-round primary residence at least 12 months old and be either a single-family, duplex, triplex, row home, townhouse or mobile home on a permanent foundation. New construction, additions and garage upgrades are not eligible.
  4. Applications must be submitted within six months of the paid invoice date.
  5. Rebates cannot exceed the paid cost on the invoice.

View full general eligibility requirements.

Insulation specific requirements

  1. Batt, loose fill, board and spray foam are eligible insulation types.
  2. Insulation must be installed for the purpose of reducing heat loss from the home. Soundproofing insulation and any insulation type installed in an outbuilding is not eligible for rebates.
  3. Must be installed by a Program Registered Contractor in accordance with the Best Practice Guide Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits for Single Family Homes. Self-installations are not eligible.
  4. A home defined as “substantially reconstructed,” by the Homeowner Protection Act (as per Regulatory Bulletin: Substantially Reconstructed Homes and the Home Owner Protection Act (No. 6)) is not eligible. A substantially reconstructed home can include structural repairs, renovation where exterior walls and/or existing plumbing, electrical or gas lines are moved or it requires a New Home Registration Form under the Homeowner Protection Act.
  5. If there are any issues with pest infestations or rodent tunnels in insulation, they must be remediated before receiving the rebate.

How to Apply?

  1. Apply online within six months of your invoice date with the following information:
    • your FortisBC natural gas and/or electricity account number, or municipal electricity account number from Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland or Nelson Hydro or, if you’re not the utility account holder (e.g. rental property), please have the account holder complete the consent form
    • your email
    • scanned copies of all paid invoices showing details of all work performed, including:
      • the purchase date
      • installation permit numbers (if applicable)
      • the location(s) of installation
      • type of insulation (batt, loose fill, board or spray foam)
      • R-value of new insulation added
      • starting and final R-value of insulation
      • total amount of insulation added in square feet

See a sample invoice for insulation.

  1. If you’re not the utility account holder (e.g. property is a rental), have the account holder complete the Utility Account Holder Consent form.
  2. Applications may take up to 90 days to process.

Note: the rebate application link below takes you to Account login. Once you’ve registered and/or logged in you can start your rebate application. Hint: we recommend using Google Chrome® for the best experience.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

Natural gas customers – 1-855-909-2329
Electricity customers – 1-855-909-2331

Processing Fee



British Columbia


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