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Intergovernmental Cooperation on Minority Language Services aims to help provincial and territorial governments offer provincial, territorial and municipal services in the language of the official-language minority community, as well as the necessary infrastructure to provide these services.

Agreements accompanied by action plans are negotiated with eligible recipients for one or more years. The aims and objectives of a cooperation agreement can vary depending on the priorities of the eligible recipients. Complementary contributions may be made in addition to the bilateral agreements for the purpose of carrying out initiatives that address emerging priorities.

Within the framework of action plans, investments are intended to:

  • increase the ability of provincial and territorial governments to develop, improve and offer services, other than education services, in the language of the official-language minority community, including municipal services;
  • reinforce federal-provincial/territorial cooperation in the area of services, other than education services, offered to official-language minority communities.

Within the framework of special projects, investments will be restricted to measures not proposed in the action plans and will be intended to:

  • contribute to the creation of new provincial and territorial services in the language of the minority in response to emerging or timely needs or support new projects for the long-term maintenance of service infrastructures;
  • contribute to the creation of new municipal services in the language of the minority;
  • encourage cooperation and sharing of expertise between provincial and territorial governments in the area of minority-language services.


Provincial and territorial governments and any provincial or territorial government body.

Eligible expenditures include (but are not limited to):

  • costs to set up, deliver and monitor programs, services and activities as negotiated under the agreements signed with the provinces and territories or provincial or territorial government bodies, including costs to establish and maintain the infrastructures needed to develop official-language minority communities.

How to Apply?

Provincial and territorial governments who wish to apply under the Intergovernmental Cooperation on Minority-Language Services sub-component should call the Official Languages Branch of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Funding Amount

Funds are paid under a contribution agreement that specifies the reporting requirements and the terms and conditions of payment.

The Department will assume no responsibility for any contractual commitments entered into by the Applicant prior to confirmation of financial support from the Department.

Contact Information


Department of Canadian Heritage
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1-866-811-0055 (toll-free)


1-888-997-3123 (toll-free)

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