Grant Name: International Assistance Innovation Program (IAIP)







This program is focused on creating sustainable development impact through its investments. It was created to demonstrate that investing in support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can bring both development and financial returns


All initiatives must generate sustainable development impact and adhere to the International Financial Assistance Act and associated regulations, and Terms and Conditions for the International Development Assistance Program

  • For profit/not-for-profit entities (including individuals) that have a legal personality recognized in domestic and/or international law, and that are capable of delivering aid activities;
  • Investment funds/funding vehicles that have a legal personality in domestic and/or international law;
  • International Financial Institutions as listed in the schedule to the International Development (Financial Institutions) Assistance Act; and
  • Development finance institutions (DFIs) (multilateral or national) that have a legal personality recognized in domestic and/or international law.

To be considered eligible, projects must take place in one or more Official Development Assistance (ODA)-eligible countries.

How to Apply?

As a first step, applicants are asked to submit the following mandatory documents by uploading them to the Partners@International portal:

Financial statements for the 2 most recent fiscal years possible. Audited statements are preferred. If this is not possible, statements must be signed by a member of the board of directors or delegate, or owners.

Funding Amount

Contact Information

If you have specific questions on the requirements for the IAIP, please contact

We will not provide feedback on specific applications.

Additional guidance may be provided on the Frequently asked questions – International Assistance Innovation Program page. The answers are based on frequency and relevancy of the questions received by Global Affairs Canada.

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