Grant Name: Ksi Lisims LNG – Natural Gas Liquefaction and Marine Terminal Project





March 20, 2022


Funding provided by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (the Agency) is now available to help the public and Indigenous groups participate in the impact assessment process for the proposed Ksi Lisims LNG – Natural Gas Liquefaction and Marine Terminal Project, located at Wil Milit on Pearse Island, in British Columbia.

Funding is available for eligible individuals and groups to assist their participation in the impact assessment’s planning phase, specifically for reviewing and providing comments on the draft information requirements that will inform the assessment.


have a direct, local interest in the project, such as living or owning property in the project area.

  • process community knowledge or Indigenous knowledge relevant to the impact assessment.
  • process expert information relevant to the anticipated impacts of the project; and/or
  • process an interest in a project’s potential impacts Treaty lands, settlement lands or traditional territories or related claims and rights

How to Apply?

To apply for funding, complete the Application Form for the Planning Phase available on the Agency’s website ( under Funding Programs.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

Contact the Agency’s media relations team for media inquiries by writing to or calling 343-549-3870.

Processing Fee




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