Grant Name: Language Exchange and Immersion Programs Outside Québec – Higher Education Component





December 1 – January 31


This program provides support for projects outside Quebec that aim to increase fluency in a second or third language.


  • To be eligible, the project needs to meet the following criteria:
  • The groups must include at least five students.
  • These students must have acquired at least 90 hours of training in the target language during the current school year and prior to their departure.
  • The primary language of communication in the host province or country must be the language targeted by the project.
  • During the stay, a minimum of three hours of instruction per working day in the target language must be given or supervised by the language teacher accompanying the group.
  • The stay must be for a minimum of 10 days, excluding the travel days to and from the location.
  • The project must be led and coordinated by the language teacher, in collaboration with the partner in the host province or country.

The maximum number of accompanying persons per group must be:

  • 1 accompanying person for 5-14 students
  • 2 accompanying persons for 15-20 students
  • 3 accompanying persons for 21-29 students
  • 4 accompanying persons for 30-39 students

How to Apply?

formulaire de demande de subvention (grant application form) (PDF 1.68 Mb)

include following documents:

  • A quote for transportation tickets
  • A detailed itinerary for the stay
  • A list of names of participants from Québec
  • A list of names of participants from the host province or country
  • An official letter from the institutions administration
  • Other relevant documents

Funding Amount

Up to $1,000 per student
Up to $30,000 for eligible projects

Contact Information

Phone: 418 643-7095
Toll-free: 1 866 747-6626
Fax: 418 646-6561

1035, rue De La Chevrotière
Québec (Québec)  G1R 5A5

Processing Fee



Québec, Canada
Student Aid

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