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September 15


The Mi’kmaq Arts Program supports the development and continuation of Mi’kmaq art forms in the territory of Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia). Arts Nova Scotia recognizes the specific needs and practices of the Mi’kmaq arts community and acknowledges a new funding program is required.

Arts Nova Scotia aspires for all Nova Scotians to have opportunities to engage with the art forms that derive from Mi’kmaq language, world views, practices, and protocols.


Nova Scotia-based Mi’kmaq artists, groups (including ad-hoc groups) or organizations are eligible to apply. It is important to be recognized as an artist in the Mi’kmaq community as Peer Assessment Committees consider community connections. Contact the Program Officer if you have questions.

  •   Individuals – the applicant is one person
    • Ad hoc groups are applicants who are two or more individuals who are working collaboratively and are not registered in any manner. “Ad hoc group” refers to a group of artists formed for the specific purpose of creating a unique work”
    • Non-Profit Organization – the applicant is a non-profit society or non-profit co-operative registered in the Province of Nova Scotia, and is in good standing with the Registry of Joint Stock Companies
  • Applicants must complete a self-identification form to demonstrate eligibility. Applicants must be professional artists. The determination of professional is determined by the Status of the Artist Act including but not limited to the following criteria:
    • To have peer recognition
    • To have a history of public presentation
    • To have training appropriate to the artist’s chosen discipline (including mentorship and/or apprenticeship training)
    • To earn income, fully or in part, from artistic activity
    • To demonstrate serious intent and devotion of energy to practicing art
  • Applicants must be Canadian citizens who have maintained their primary residence in Nova Scotia for at least 12 months prior to applying to the program. Applicants who are out of the province temporarily and will be away for no more than 12 months may apply.
  • Applicants who apply to this program are also eligible to apply for funding to other Arts Nova Scotia programs

Please contact the Program Officer is you have any questions related to Eligibility including the definition of Professional Artist.


The Mi’kmaq Arts Program does not provide financial support to the cultural industries (e.g. commercial film and video production, music videos, recording, television shows, publishing, commercial design, or production crafts). If a project or activity is funded through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage Mi’kmaq Cultural Activities Program are not eligible for this fund.

Applicants who are students are not eligible for this program.  Professional artists who undertake graduate studies may apply for Professional Development only.

There will be no retroactive funding to projects that start prior to the deadline.

How to Apply?

  • Signed and completed application form
  • Detailed project description (Max. 2 pages)
  • Detailed budget
  • Detailed schedule of work
  • Two-page CV of the applicant and all other artists involved or a description of artistic practice and applicable training.
  • Support material demonstrating the applicant’s professional practice (Images, video/audio, printed pages)

Note: Letters of intent from any person or organization involved in the project, and/or letters of support from professional, practicing artists in the relevant discipline(s) may be necessary to include. Contact the program officer when in doubt about these documents.

  • Applications must be either received in the Arts Nova Scotia office by 4:30 PM on the deadline date or be postmarked no later than the deadline date
  • If a deadline falls on a statutory holiday or weekend, the deadline will be extended until the next working day
  • Arts Nova Scotia does not accept faxed, late, or incomplete applications; or elements of applications
  • All documents including text (e.g. project description, CV, letters of support) should be printed out and sent together with the application form single-sided with no staples
  • Please do not submit applications in binders, plastic sleeves, paperclips, or bound in folders
  • Always contact the program officer with enough notice prior to a deadline to ask any questions about the application process

Email Your Application

Send your application to according to the instructions below. You can watch our YouTube tutorial Submitting Your Application Over Email for more detailed instructions.

Before Sending Your Email

  • Include your name on all files
  • Number your files in the order they should be opened (application forms have a list of required documents in order)
  • Ensure your page limits and file sizes are in line with the program guidelines
  • Upload large audio and video files to a streaming service such as YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud

When Submitting

  • Address your email to
  • Send one application per email
  • Subject line should be: “Your Name – Program Name – Category”
  • Keep attachments under 25MB
  • Do not attach large audio or video files; include a streaming link in the body of the email
  • Do not send cloud-based attachments (WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Do not duplicate your application; do not send an additional hard copy

Only submissions will be accepted to this email address. Please direct all questions to the program officer.

If you are unable to submit by email, please contact the program officer.

Funding Amount

Applicants will be eligible to receive only one of the following grants in a 12-month period:

  • Creation Grants $15,000 Maximum, $500 Minimum. 
  • Assists with projects that involve the creation of a new work of art in any form including cross-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary work
  • Presentation Grants $12,000 Maximum, $500 Minimum
  • Assists with projects that involve public presentation of artistic work(s).
  • Professional Development Grants $12,000 Maximum, $500 Minimum
  • Assists with projects that involve activities intended to strengthen artistic or administrative capacity through formal study programs, mentorship, workshops, apprenticeship, conferences, and other professional development activities.

In addition, applicants can be awarded in the same 12-month period as a Creation, Presentation or Professional Development grant a Visual Arts Materials Grants:

  • Visual Arts Materials Grants $750 maximum Assists artists working in the visual arts, crafts or traditional/customary art forms to create artwork. Grants of up to $750 are to help cover the cost of buying art materials and supplies.  This grant is intended for artists who in need material support only. Please note, the Visual Arts Materials Grant application form is separate from the Creation, Presentation and Professional Development grant application form.

Contact Information

Arts Nova Scotia
1741 Brunswick St., 3rd Floor
P. O. Box 456, STN Central
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Canada B3J 2R5

Enrique Ferreol (he/him/they), Program Officer
Cell (902) 219-4669 / Office (902) 424-6472

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