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Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis


Aboriginal Participation Fund

  • Developed to support indigenous communities and organizations participate in regulatory process under the Mining Act, as well as economic development activities associated with mineral exploration and development
  • This is one of five streams available

Provides funding for a MDA for eligible Aboriginal communities and organizations to participate effectively in the regulatory consultation processes, including the review of:

  • Exploration plan and permit applications
  • Closure plans and closure plan amendments
  • Environmental assessments

This funding will help to increase a community’s knowledge and understanding of the mineral development sequence, mineral exploration, mineral development and mining activities, and the range of economic benefits.


Funding is available to Ontario Aboriginal communities or organizations experiencing high mineral exploration or development activity, having received 10 or more exploration plans or permit applications in the previous fiscal year (April 1 to March 31)

Communities that receive fewer than 10 exploration plans or permit applications might be eligible, as long as they engage in reviewing two ore more closure plans, closure plan amendments, or mineral development-related environmental assessments.

Eligible Applicants must be: Single Applicants – Aboriginal communities in areas of high mineral exploration or development activity or Joint applicants – Aboriginal communities and organizations (ie. Tribal Councils) in areas with high mineral exploration or development activity. Joint applicants must have the support of the communities they represent and substantiated record of representing member communities on local lands and resources issues.

Eligible joint applicants include either: Two or more eligible communities, applying jointly with combined exploration activities, or

In specific circumstances, and at the discretion of the ministry, other Aboriginal organizations, such as a Provincial-Territorial Organization (PTO), if they have the support of the communities that they represent

Funding Amount

Funding up to a maximum of $130,000 per year for up to 3 years

Applicants are encouraged, when possible, to work together to maximize the benefits of available funding.

The ministry may consider funding additional positions, in part or in full, based on mineral development activity and the community’s or tribal council’s need.

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