Grant Name: Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services – Child Protection Services 2021-2022





You must submit you balance budget plan for the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year by October 14, 2021.


Child protection services are mandated by the Child, Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA). Under the CYFSA, children’s aid societies (referred to as societies) have the exclusive mandate to deliver child protection services.

This includes:

  • determining the need for protection services
  • investigation of allegations of child abuse and neglect
  • protection, care or supervision for children and youth receiving residential or non-residential services from a society
  • placement of children and youth for adoption or other permanent living arrangements for children who are children and youth in extended society care

Societies also provide guidance, counseling, and other services to families where children and youth have suffered from abuse or neglect or who are at risk.

In accordance with Regulation 156, funding for societies is determined by a funding model and this funding can only be used by societies to deliver child protection services.


You must be a transfer payment recipient designated by the minister to be eligible to provide child protection services. Only eligible recipients can access the MCCSS Child Protection Services 2021-2022 category and will be notified by the ministry as when to access the budget plan submission through TPON.

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