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The Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides eligible First Nations and Inuit clients with coverage for a range of health benefits that are not covered through other:

  • social programs
  • private insurance plans
  • provincial or territorial health insurance

What the program covers

The program provides coverage for the following medically necessary goods and services:

    • on reserve

in the community of residence


An eligible client must be a resident of Canada and any of the following:

  • a First Nations person who is registered under the Indian Act (commonly referred to as a status Indian)
  • an Inuk recognized by an Inuit land claim organization
  • a child less than 18 months old whose parent is a registered First Nations person or a recognized Inuk

To make sure that your child continues to be eligible for the program, you should apply for your child’s:

  • Indian status
  • recognition from your Inuit land claim organization

This should be done as soon as possible.

For some clients, a self-government, or First Nations or Inuit health authority may be responsible for providing health benefits.

To access benefit coverage, show your health care provider your client identification to confirm your eligibility with the program.

Coverage is available only for eligible goods and services obtained in Canada.

How to Apply?

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