Grant Name: Nova Scotia Student Loan Forgiveness Program: Certificates and Diplomas







As of august 2020, the Nova Scotia Loan Forgiveness Program can eliminate all Nova Scotia Student Loan debt for eligible borrowers who study at nova scotia universities and Nova Scotia Community College


  • You must graduate from a non-professional certificate or diploma program at Nova Scotia Community College or a Nova Scotia university.
  • It must be your first certificate or diploma eligible for the Loan Forgiveness Program.
  • You must complete the entire certificate or diploma within 4 years of starting it.
  • In most cases, the qualifying program can include credit transfers that are made under inter-institutional agreements (sometimes known as a Letter of Permission).
  • Must have eligible Nova Scotia student loans (Canada Student Loans are not eligible for the Nova Scotia Loan Forgiveness Program).

How to Apply?

You will automatically be reviewed for loan forgiveness once schools announce graduation. If you are eligible, you will receive a letter in the mail

Funding Amount

  • For a 39-week study period, up to $4,680 of loan could be forgiven per study period (year of study).
  • For a 52-week study period, up to $6,240 of loan could be forgiven per study period (year of study).

Contact Information

Toll Free within Canada: 1-800-565-8420

Processing Fee



Nova Scotia, Canada
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