Grant Name: On-Reserve Income Assistance Program





There’s no deadline for this program. You can apply at any time.


This program is a last resort for eligible individuals and their families. They must be:

  • ordinarily resident on reserve
  • Status Indians who live in Yukon

Income assistance includes funds for:

  • basic needs, such as:
    • food
    • clothing
    • rent
    • utilities allowance
  • special needs, such as:
    • essential household items
    • personal incidentals
    • doctor-recommended diets
  • pre-employment and employment supports to help people become more self-sufficient, such as:
    • life skills
    • job training


Funding is provided to:

  • First Nations communities
  • organizations
  • other service providers

When funded, they’re responsible for providing this program to eligible individuals. The program is available on reserves in all provinces and Yukon, and delivered in accordance with the income assistance rates and eligibility criteria of the individuals’ province of residence or Yukon.

To be eligible for income assistance, an individual must:

  • be ordinarily resident on-reserve or Status Indians in Yukon
  • be eligible for basic or special financial assistance
  • show that you have no other source of funding to meet your basic needs

If you’re eligible and apply for income assistance, you’ll be assessed according to the criteria of your:

  • province
  • Yukon

This assessment covers:

  • financial need
  • employability
  • family composition and age
  • available financial resources in the household

Learn more: eligibility requirements for individuals.

You can also contact:

How to Apply?

The application process depends on where you reside

Funding Amount


Contact Information

To learn more, contact:

your community’s band office

Yukon regional office

Processing Fee



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