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Stage 1: No Deadline, but must be started 8 months before the event

Stage 2: February 25, 2022

April 22, 2022

June 2, 2022


Since 1999, the Government of Ontario has invested $47.75 million in the Fund and the success of the over 800 initiatives in which OCAF has invested has led to a healthy replenishment of the Fund for future projects. Repayments replenish the fund and support more events: the Government’s investment has already resulted in over $78 M of event funding.

OCAF has three specific aims:

  • to increase cultural tourism by providing investments to assist Ontario cultural organizations to promote, market and present one-off or first-time events, or a significant expansion of existing activity, which are designed to attract new tourists and visitors to cultural events.
  • increase the earned revenue capacity of the applicant organization; and
  • support events that foster economic growth and contribute to job creation.

OCAF-funded events have attracted over 70 million visitors and generated earned revenues of over $235 million for applicant organizations.


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How to Apply?

The OCAF application form is available in both bot MS Word and  Adobe PDF formats.


First time applicants, and those requiring further information or assistance with the application, should contact OCAF staff prior to submitting a stage 1 application. Organization must start the application process approximately eight months prior to an event.

OCAF has a two-stage application process which ensures that organizations do not dedicate significant time, effort and resources to an ineligible project.  Please refer to “Important Dates” for a current list of stage 2 application deadlines.

Stage 1 requires the applicant to complete a three-page form with basic information about the proposed project and target market. This application is reviewed by program staff.  If the project meets the general eligibility criteria, applicants will be provided with the Stage 2 application form.

The Stage 2 application requires the development of a detailed business case that includes a marketing plan, attendance and revenue projections and an analysis of the benefits of the project for the community. Stage 2 applications are reviewed by the OCAF board once staff has done a preliminary assessment.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Repayment of a portion of the investment is required in all cases and forms part of the legal agreement between OCAF and successful applicants. The repayment is required within 60 to 90 days after the completion of the event. The repayment formula is based upon the size of the applicant’s operating budget and the project’s earned revenues.

Category Repayment To Maximum of
A Annual budget over $10 million 15% project gross earned revenue 50% OCAF investment
B Annual budget $1 million to $10 million 15% project gross earned revenue 40% OCAF investment
C Annual budget under $1 million 15% project gross earned revenue 30% OCAF investment
All projects in Northern Ontario 15% project gross earned revenue 30% OCAF investment
All projects in cities or municipal regions with populations under 100,000 15% project gross earned revenue 30% OCAF investment

For applications under the “Free or low admission” rule, the repayment is fixed, based on the maximum repayment for the applicant’s category.

The repayment formulae above applies to first time applicants, or to those requesting investment three or more years after their previous application.  For applicants returning to OCAF after two years, the maximum repayment increases by 10% for all applicants.

Contact Information


390 Bay Street, Suite 1206
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2Y2

OCAF Staff

Kathleen Sharpe, Executive Director Bio
Phone: 416.969.7421

Thomas Vaughan, Associate Director
Phone: 416.969.7449

Toll Free: 1-877-386-8029

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