The Participant Funding Program aims to support public engagement and Indigenous consultation during an assessment – whether it is a project-specific assessment by the Agency or review panel, regional assessment or strategic assessment. It does so by providing funding at key stages throughout an assessment process, including the implementation of follow-up programs. Participant funding contributes to an open and balanced assessment process. This strengthens the quality and credibility of federal assessments.


Individuals, non-profit organizations, and Indigenous communities and organizations that want to take part in an assessment may apply.

The Agency proactively contacts Indigenous communities that may potentially be affected by a project and notifies them of opportunities to participate in consultation activities, and to receive financial support for that participation. Applicants must demonstrate how their participation will add value and provide relevant knowledge or expertise to the assessment. They must also meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have a direct local interest in the project or regional/strategic assessment, such as living or owning property in the project area.
  • Possess community knowledge or Indigenous knowledge relevant to the impact assessment or regional/strategic assessment.
  • Possess expert information relevant to the anticipated impacts of the project; or
  • Possess an interest in a project’s potential impacts on Treaty lands, settlement lands or traditional territories or related claims and rights.

How to Apply?

Download and complete one of the following application forms for the relevant type of funding. To find the appropriate type of funding, check the project’s home page on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry.

Please submit the completed application and supporting documents to the Agency. You can email your documents to To find out the deadline to submit your application, check the project’s public notice posted on the Registry, which announces the availability of funding.

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