Grant Name: Post-Production, Visual Effects and Digital Animation Grant


Accepting applications



March 1, 2022


Apply for funding to support Alberta companies that use Alberta labour on post-production, visual effects, and digital animation projects.


Your organization must:

  • be incorporated in Alberta under the Business Corporation Act or registered as an extra-provincial company in Alberta and be in good standing with the Corporate Registry or operate as a sole proprietorship with a registered trade name in Alberta. All applicants must be in good standing in all respects with funding received from the Government of Alberta including the AMF
  • be able to demonstrate that the organization provides services for arm’s length, third part organizations on a regular basis


Project/Activities include but are not limited to:

  • editing of video and audio
  • subtitling and closed captioning
  • creation and editing of visual and sound effects
  • digital animation
  • projects produced primarily for distribution to a public audience
  • projects that have been submitted to the AMF within 60 days of the post-production end date, invoice date or disnature date on the deal memo with a production company
  • projects that have a minimum eligible invoice value of $500

How to Apply?

  1. Review Guidelines:
  2. Create an online profile, email with your first/last name, company name or registered trade name, preferred email address (login credentials will be emailed to you)
  3. Begin application package:
  4. Gather the required documents:
  5. Submit application

Funding Amount

A grant which represents 18% of the total eligible invoiced labour will provide funding to applicants

Maximum amount an organization or their affiliates can receive in grant funding is %200’000 per budget year

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Processing Fee



Alberta, Canada


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