Grant Name: Project Incentives Distribution







Get up to 75% funding (to a maximum of $500,000) for your energy efficiency upgrade projects and improve the payback on your investment to as little as one year.


You’re a large general service rate customer.

Your project or group of projects will save at least 50 megawatt-hours per year.

Your project involves a hard-wired facility upgrade with an expected lifespan of five years or more.

Your projected payback period is greater than one year (prior to incentive application).

Your site has been operational for a minimum of six months prior to application.

Connect with your Key Account Manager or call the Business Helpdesk to find out if you qualify.

How to Apply?

To determine the total project incentive, we use the smallest of the following three amounts up to a maximum of $500,000:

  • 75% of the project costs.
  • The amount needed to reduce the payback period to one year.
  • The total lifespan electricity savings multiplied by the eligible incentive rate.

·         See an example of a project calculation.


Note: You must have approval of your incentive application (in the form of a signed agreement) before purchasing equipment and/or commencing your project

Funding Amount

Up to $500,000

Contact Information

604 522 4713 – Lower Mainland

1 866 522 4713 – Elsewhere in B.C.

Processing Fee



British Columbia


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