Grant Name: Rebates on Energy-Efficient Home Improvements







This Program provides rebates to help owners of older, less energy-efficient homes in the Northwest Territories (NWT) to reduce the costs and greenhouse gas emissions associated with heating their homes. These rebates can help homeowners offset the costs of upgrading their insulation, windows, air sealing and heating systems (including ENERGY STAR certified products).


To be eligible for rebates under this program, an exterior wall insulation upgrade is required.
Single-family homes and row housing (not exceeding three stories) are eligible under this program.

For your home to be eligible, the AEA will need to conduct EnerGuide home evaluations on your house before and after your upgrades.
Multi-unit residential buildings, such as apartment buildings, are not eligible.

How to Apply?

Before applying for a home improvement rebate, you will need to book a home energy evaluation. Once your evaluation is complete, your energy advisor will walk through the application process with you.

Not upgrading your exterior wall insulation? Or don’t need to do a home energy evaluation? You can still get rebates on insulation, furnaces, boilers and more through our program for energy-efficient products.

Funding Amount

Based on individual application

Contact Information

Arctic Energy Alliance
(877) 755-5855

Processing Fee



Northwest Territories

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