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Divert NS provides assistance for research and development initiatives that support the province’s Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy and the mandates of Divert NS.


Eligible Projects

The program will provide research funding support to investigate, design and develop innovation in:

·         Materials or products that incorporate solid waste-resources

·         Technologies that will facilitate the separation and recovery of solid waste-resources

·         Solid waste reduction strategies

·         Enhanced market opportunities for solid waste-resources and/or recycled materials

·         Increased efficiency within the current Nova Scotian solid waste system Eligible projects under this program include:

·         Projects that are comprised primarily of original work undertaken to acquire new knowledge with a specific practical application in view

·         Projects involving systematic work, using existing knowledge gained from research and/or practical experience that are directed at producing new materials, products or devices

·         Projects that incorporate new processes, systems and services or improve substantially those already produced on installed 3.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants include universities, colleges, businesses, business associations, partnerships, agencies, and municipalities. Applicants and/or project activities shall be based in Nova Scotia unless specifically approved by Divert NS.

How to Apply?

Applications can be submitted at any time. The Committee usually meets quarterly or as required – depending upon applications received. Applications should be submitted several weeks prior to a committee meeting to allow adequate assessment and research of the application. Staff can be contacted any time to discuss application timing and Committee meeting dates.

·         Electronic copies are accepted by e-mail at

Hard copies may be delivered to Divert NS’ office at: 35 Commercial Street, Suite 400, Truro NS B2N 3H9

Funding Amount


Contact Information

Toll free: 1-877-313-7732

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