Grant Name: Safer and Vital Communities (SVC) Grant





You must submit your application by March 4, 2022 by 4:00pm (EST)


This grant provides funding to community based, not-for-profit organizations, and First Nations communities and organizations to address local risks to safety and well-being in the community

The theme of the 2022–2024 grant is “Preventing Cybercrime through Community Collaboration.” The program aims to create safer communities in Ontario that will support community and public safety organizations to work collaboratively to create awareness about and reduce the risk of crimes that are committed online, with a focus on:

  • hate crimes
  • human trafficking
  • fraud


Eligible applicants include:

  • community-based, not-for-profit organizations
  • First Nations Chiefs Councils
  • First Nations Band Councils
  • First Nations communities
  • Indigenous organization

Applicants are required to partner with the local police service and are encouraged to partner with at least one other organization in a sector different from their own to ensure a broad range of community engagement.

Organizations not eligible to apply, but can be project partners, include:

  • police services and their boards
  • municipalities
  • governmental agencies
  • hospitals
  • educational institutions, such as universities, colleges and schools

Eligible applicants must verify:

  • total amount of funding requested from the ministry for year one does not exceed $55,000
  • total amount of funding requested from the ministry for year two does not exceed $55,000
  • if applicant is incorporated, include proof of incorporation (not applicable to First Nation Band Councils)
  • if applicant is not incorporated, include sponsor’s confirmation letter and sponsor’s proof of incorporation
  • include a signed letter of support from your local police service and other organizations as appropriate

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