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Applications are due March 1, 2022 at 5pm EST


The Site Readiness Program provides financial support to property owners to complete site preparatory work for an eligible industrial property.

Industrial properties that have completed the Site Readiness Program are attractive to investors and site selectors because they have access to important background information on the site’s availability, utilities, transportation access and/or environmental records needed to make a site selection decision quickly.


Applicants can receive reimbursement of 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $25,000 per application, upon completion of the program.

Eligible expenses include costs of completing a range of site due diligence assessments and documentation prepared by qualified professionals that meet municipal and provincial standards, including:

  • Arborist Report/Tree Survey
  • Archaeological Study (Stage 1,2,3 and/or 4)
  • Conservation Authority studies/drawings
  • Drainage Plan
  • Environmental Impact Study (EIS)
  • Environmental Site Assessment Phase I, II (ESA)
  • Erosion/ Sediment Control Plan
  • Geotechnical Study/Slope Stability Study
  • Grading Plan
  • Groundwater Impact Study
  • Heritage Impact Assessment
  • Hydrogeological Report
  • Hydrological Report
  • Natural Heritage Impact Study
  • Noise Impact Study
  • Pedestrian Level Wind Study
  • Planning Rationale Report
  • Servicing Options Report
  • Soil Management Report
  • Species at Risk Assessments/Mitigation Report
  • Stormwater Management Report
  • Topographic Survey Plan
  • Tree Preservation Plan
  • Transportation Impact Study
  • Utility Plan
  • Vibration Study

For a full list of eligible expenses, please see the Site Readiness Program Guide.


The following are the minimum requirements that your property must have, and property owners must follow to be eligible for the program.

  • an application may be submitted for one (1) site that could consist of multiple lots. If the site is a combination of multiple lots, the lots must have the same registered owner on title. Property owner(s) must be willing to enter into a contract with the province to participate in the program
  • all properties must be designated for industrial uses in the approved municipal Official Plan and zoned within the municipality’s comprehensive Zoning By-Law to permit a wide range of industrial uses. A Plan of Subdivision must be available for properties located within designated business and industrial parks
  • the property site must consist of at least five acres or 2.02 hectares of vacant, contiguous Net Developable Area. The property must be vacant and free from existing buildings
  • the property must have existing public road access or must be accessible by public road
  • properties must have a minimum of two of the five services listed below, at the lot line or within 500 meters of the lot line at the time of acceptance into the program:
    • municipal water
    • municipal wastewater
    • electricity
    • natural gas
    • telecommunication

For the remaining services that are not present at the lot line or within 500 metres of the lot line, applicants must demonstrate that the site is serviceable within two years of acceptance into the program as confirmed by one or more of the following supporting documents:

  • providing the Municipality’s servicing plan and demonstrating that the Site is within the Municipality’s Urban Boundary
  • public utilities commission modelling
  • development or servicing agreements
  • a letter of confirmation from utility service providers

Sites zoned for dry industrial uses, which are not serviced by municipal water and/or wastewater, must demonstrate that there is sufficient water capacity to support permitted uses under the respective municipality’s zoning by-law, with a Hydrogeological Study prepared by a qualified professional.

  • the property or properties must be free from development constraints that could impact the developable area or range of industrial or other employment uses permitted on the property. Potential constraints could include, but not limited to:
    • restrictions on title
    • identified flood zones or the presence of provincially significant natural heritage features
    • holding symbols on the property listed in the zoning by-law
    • future planned roads or existing rights-of-way
  • the site must be available for sale for a period of one year following the date acceptance into the program, unless the site is sold
  • applications must be sponsored and endorsed by either the municipality or regional Economic Development Organization and from the Chief Planning Official or their delegate

How to Apply?

  1. Contact the program staff for your pre-application consultation.
  2. Submit your application package through Transfer Payment Ontario.
  3. We will notify you if your site has been approved and email you with your notification of acceptance.
  4. Complete the site due diligence within one year (the list of eligible expenses is available in the Site Readiness Program Guide).
  5. Submit invoices and receive reimbursement of 50% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of $25,000.

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