Grant Name: Small Business Lighting Program







This Program provides financial incentives to small businesses to offset the costs of upgrading their lighting systems and controls with energy-efficient products.


The participant must meet all eligibility requirements presented in this section.

3.1 Eligible Customers Eligible customer must:

  • Be classified under the Small Industrial, General Service 1, or General Service 2 Rate Schedule as per NB Power’s Rate Schedules and Policies. Agricultural buildings (including farms) and places of worship are also eligible. o Non-NB Power customers are eligible to apply but must be in a similar rate schedule or customer class as listed above.
  • Be located within New Brunswick
  • Have authorization to approve installation of equipment at the Eligible Project Site.

3.2 Ineligible Customers

  • Buildings owned by the federal government
  • Customers classified under the Large Industrial Rate Schedule.

3.3 Eligible Projects An eligible project must: replace existing equipment, decrease energy use, and result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Note that certain types of equipment, as specified in Appendix A, are not eligible to be replaced under the Program. Please see Appendix A for a comprehensive list of the eligible equipment upgrades.

How to Apply?

Step 1: Apply

Complete and submit the online registration form. The program team may contact you to discuss your project. Pre-approval is required through this program. Please do not start the project or incur any costs until you have your pre-approval signed off by NB Power program staff to ensure eligibility.

Refer to the Program Guidelines for more detailed information including a list of eligible products.

Step 2: Project Pre-Approval

You will receive a Pre-Approval form from the team. Complete and submit the form via email to the program team for their project approval.

Step 3: Start Your Project

Once you have received official approval via email for your project, you can begin the approved work at your business.

Step 4: Complete Project & Receive Rebate

After the work is completed, submit the incentive claim documentation. Your rebate payment will be deposited directly into your designated account within 60 days or less.

Funding Amount

The program offers you 25% back on energy efficient upgrades in your business; from lighting to heating, cooling and ventilation, to commercial kitchen equipment, and more.

Contact Information

Send us an email or call 1 800 663-6272 to speak directly with one of our Customer Care advisors.

Processing Fee



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