Grant Name: Solar Electric Incentive Program







The Solar Electric Incentive Program offers rebates to residential utility customers to purchase and install solar PV systems on their homes. The rebate amount is awarded based on the size (watts DC) of the installed system.


To qualify for a rebate:

·         A System Size Review is required. Visit the City’s Microgeneration webpage for more information and to apply.

·         Solar PV systems must be designed and installed by a qualified installer and system components and must be CSA or ULC approved for installation in Canada. Visit one of the websites below for installers/contractors serving Medicine Hat and area.

o    Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce Business Directory

o    Solar Energy Society of Alberta

o    CanSIA Member Directory

How to Apply?

Attach all required documentation for the solar PV installation as outlined below.


Omission of required documentation, and/or photos that do not clearly show the panels and inverters, will result in an incomplete application, which will be declined by HAT Smart. A new application will be required and placed in the queue for processing based on the date it is received by HAT Smart. Payment may not be made if funds are fully subscribed.

Funding Amount

$0.20 per nominal Direct Current (DC) watt

Maximum rebate: $1,000


If your solar PV system is planned with a DC capacity that exceeds 150% of the inverter AC capacity, a written rational is required. HAT Smart reserves the right to fund only the installed capacity (kW DC) up to 150% of the inverter capacity (kW AC) at HAT Smart’s sole discretion.

Contact Information

HAT Smart
580 1 St SE
Medicine Hat, AB T1A 8E6
Phone: 403-502-8799
Email HAT Smart

Processing Fee



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