Grant Name: Strategic Energy Management – Industrial Energy Manager







This Program provides advanced funding to hire an energy manager to develop and implement a Strategic Energy Management Plan. The Program includes:

·         up to 75 percent salary funding for 2 years

·         100 percent of the cost for management coaching

·         100 percent funding for required training for energy managers

·         100 percent funding for the full cost of an on-site Energy Management Assessment

·         a fully-funded workshop to facilitate creation of a customized plan

·         100 percent funding for an Employee Awareness Planning workshop and funding of employee engagement activities including training and awareness events


  • You use more than 20 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year.
  • You’re willing to hire your energy manager as a full-time employee.
  • Your candidate’s salary and qualifications meet certain criteria, subject to approval.

Connect with your Key Account Manager to find out if you qualify for this offer.

How to Apply?

Email for directions on how to apply

Funding Amount

  • Up to 75% salary funding for 2 years.
  • 100% of the cost for energy management consulting services.
  • 100% funding for required training for your new energy manager.
  • 100% funding for the full cost of an on-site energy management assessment.
  • 100% funding for energy monitoring and targeting.
  • 100% funding for a planning workshop to facilitate creation of your customized plan.
  • Generous funding for employee engagement activities including training and awareness events.

Contact Information

604 522 4713 – Lower Mainland

1 866 522 4713 – Elsewhere in B.C.

Processing Fee



British Columbia


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