Grant Name: Stream Trap Audit & Replacement Rebates







This Program offers rebates to industrial customers to help them find and replace steam traps that have failed open. It is estimated that about 20 percent of the steam leaving the central boiler plant of a typical industrial facility is lost through leaking steam traps.


  1. You must be a FortisBC natural gas customer under any rate class except Rate 1.
  2. You must be an owner or long-term leaseholder of an existing commercial or industrial building.
  3. You must submit an application and supporting documentation no later than 365 days after the purchase date of the product(s) (as shown on the paid invoice).1

How to Apply?

  1. Complete a steam trap audit either internally or by using a qualified third-party contractor and record your findings. You may use our steam trap audit template (XLS) to record results.
  2. Replace failed steam traps at your facility within six months of the audit. Only replacements of failed-open steam traps are eligible for rebates.
  3. Complete the steam trap rebate application. Your rebate application must include a completed steam trap audit report, a paid steam trap audit invoice (if a third-party contractor performed the audit) and a paid steam trap replacement invoice showing the product type, quantity, make, model number and total installed cost (before taxes).
  4. Email the completed and signed application form and scanned copies of all supporting documentation to
  5. Once approved, you should receive your rebate in six to eight weeks.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

If you have questions, contact your key account manager or email

1Industrial production is a manufacturing

Processing Fee



British Columbia


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