Grant Name: Summer Experience Program





Application must be submitted by February 15, 2022, at 5pm (EST)


The Summer Experience Program (SEP) provides funding to eligible organizations, municipalities, and communities to create meaningful summer employment opportunities for students.

Employment positions must:

  • offer training, work experience and skills transferable to the general workforce and to future careers


Eligible organizations include:

  • not-for-profit organizations
  • municipalities
  • Indigenous organizations
  • First Nations communities

Organizations must be legally incorporated or be band councils established under the Indian Act, Canada

Due to the limited number of positions, we may give priority to applicant organizations that have not previously received SEP funding.

Students hired by eligible organizations must:

  • be currently enrolled in a secondary, or post-secondary institution or within six months of graduation
  • be over 15 and under 25 years old by the start of the employment period (up to 29 years for persons with a disability as described in section 10 of the Ontario Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.19)
  • be given a minimum full time employment contract length of 232 hours or 32 days at 7.25 hours per day
  • provide proof of student enrolment to the employer
  • be residents of Ontario during the period of employment
  • be eligible to work in Canada and have a social insurance number (SIN)
  • live in Ontario when they start work

How to Apply?

2022 Summer Experience Program Guidelines

Learn more about the Summer Experience Program Guidelines

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