Grant Name: Summer School Project Funding





July 15, 2022


This funding supports organizations in delivering residence-based art summer schools that offer:

  • an arts intensive training experience in any discipline through technical skills workshops with professional artists and instructors
  • opportunities for young people from across the province to engage in the creative process


To be eligible for this funding, applicants must be:

  • registered not-for-profit organizations
  • registered and in good standing in Alberta under the appropriate legislation, for at least one year prior to the deadline
  • have been in operation for at least one full year prior to the deadline
  • have at least 50% of the organization’s board members, or ruling council, living in Alberta
  • demonstrate adherence to good governance principles, efficient administration practices and commitment to fiscal responsibility
  • demonstrate financial stability, in the judgment of the AFA, for at least one year
  • operate as a stand-alone organization at arm’s length from municipalities, commercial enterprises, or schools
  • have the authority to provide residence-based programming for minors
  • have previous experience organizing, designing, and operating residence-based art programming

Previous grant recipients must have met reporting requirements in order to be eligible to receive funding.

Two or more organizations that satisfy the eligibility criteria may apply to collaborate to operate a summer arts school program. A partnership project must be submitted through one primary organization. The primary organization must designate the main contact for all requirements of the grant.

Partnership projects must demonstrate that:

  • control and responsibilities in the partnership are shared equally amongst all partners
  • knowledge and practices will be shared and exchanged for the benefit of all project partners
  • the partnership results in activity that is beyond the normal programming of partnering organizations
  • the project could not be otherwise completed without the existence of the partnership

Ineligible organizations

Ineligible organizations are:

  • municipalities
  • commercial enterprises
  • schools
  • groups that are not arm’s length from municipalities, commercial enterprises or schools
  • organizations that engage primarily in competition-based activity

How to Apply?

We only accept applications through the Grant Administration Tracking and Evaluation (GATE) online application system. We must receive your online application through GATE no later than 11:59 pm Mountain Time on the deadline date, unless the deadline falls on a statutory holiday or a weekend when it will be extended until the next working day. Please give the system time to process your application so that the AFA receives notification of your submission before the deadline falls.

GATE username registration

First-time applicants will require a GATE username and password. Contact us via email at least five business days prior to the application deadline.

Please include:

  1. the contact name of the individual responsible for preparing your application
  2. the legal name of your organization
  3. the contact person’s email address

The GATE username and password will be sent to the email address provided.

What to include in your application

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please download the GATE user guide for this funding opportunity.

First, complete the GATE Applicant Profile section with all required information. Follow the step by step instructions contained in the user guide emailed to you with your username and password.

GATE online forms

  • contact list: A listing of primary and secondary contact persons and signing authority designate for the application
  • applicant contact information: Street and mailing address
  • organization information: the organization’s registration details, including Alberta Registration number, Canadian Charitable Registration number (if applicable) and incorporation date
  • organization applicant agreement: An Applicant Agreement with e-signature of signing authority designate for the organization
  • summer school participation report: Number of Participants per Age Range and geographic area for the organization’s most recent residence-based art program
  • current board List: A list of all current members of the board of Directors, including names, titles, complete mailing addresses, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses
  • project expenses: Complete the online form providing a detailed budget in Canadian dollars, indicating all projected summer school expenditures
  • project budget:  The difference between expenditures and revenues will comprise the grant request to the AFA and cannot exceed 40% of the proposed budget.
  • project revenue: Complete the online form providing a detailed, budget in Canadian dollars, indicating all projected non-AFA revenues.


Attachments must be developed prior to application, using either original documents specific to your organization or preformatted AFA templates, and uploaded to your online GATE submission.

The GATE attachment section indicates that not all attachments are required for submission. This is because they are only required for certain types of projects (e.g. marketing plan for a marketing project). It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all attachments noted in the guidelines are submitted with their application.

You’ll be required to complete and upload the following attachments in PDF format:

  • resumes of curriculum designers, instructors, and other principal organizers (no more than four pages each) outlining their professional arts background, including training and any previous experience with delivering arts training to youth, or job descriptions if positions have yet to be filled
  • a detailed description of the arts summer school program to be offered, including:
    • list of workshops and description of arts skills training and engagement in the creative process
    • detailed daily program schedule
    • materials and supplies (if applicable)
    • number of students
    • program structure, fees and registration
    • contracting instructors, technical and participant supervisory staff
    • extra-curricular activities, if applicable
    • food and lodging arrangements
    • other logistical and administrative functions required for an arts summer school operation
  • copies of promotional material and public communications materials related to the summer school
  • a description of the organization’s history of providing arts training programs
  • the organization’s most recent approved annual financial statement of revenue and expenditure
  • a confirmation of filing of the most recent return from Alberta Corporate Registry
  • a copy of the organization’s Sexual and Workplace Harassment Policy for summer school staff and participants, with confirmation that this policy has been formally adopted within the past year
  • a marketing plan detailing province wide promotion of the program
  • for partnership projects, a copy of the contract or letter of agreement that indicates the responsibilities of each partner, and the knowledge, resources and experience that each will contribute
  • additional support materials that may assist in the assessment process. These may include but are not limited to, promotional literature, programs, or newsletters
    • all video and audio files must be Windows compatible, MP3 and MP4 files are preferred
    • wherever possible, support material should be uploaded as an attachment into GATE (up to 4 MB)
    • if your support material is too large to upload, please mail a hard copy CD or USB to 10708 – 105 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5H 0A1. Please include your first name, last name and project number on the CD or USB

Applicants may be asked for additional information.

Applicants may submit only one application to this grant stream per arts discipline.


Applications for partnership projects must be submitted through one primary organization. The primary organization must designate the main contact for all requirements of the grant. Each organization involved in a partnership project must submit financial statements and confirmation of their corporate registries return.

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

Brenda Hennig, Arts Development Consultant – Literary Arts/Film & Video
T: 780-415-0285

Processing Fee



Arts, Culture

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