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October 21, 2021, at 5:00om ET


The purpose of this program is to support investments needed to safely resume domestic concerts within the coming months.

Thus, this funding will support investments allowing Canadian live music companies, organizations, and artist-entrepreneurs to plan and present in-person and hybrid concerts by Canadian artists in accordance with local, provincial, and national public health directives.

This temporary financial support will allow companies and organizations in Canada’s live music sector to continue to exist during and beyond the pandemic to ultimately continue i) to produce and promote a diversity of Canadian music in a world of choice ii) to be competitive at home and abroad and iii) to contribute to Canada’s creative economy.

Applications are assessed taking into account the quality of the project and the impact it may have on the artist’s career and the employment of technicians and other supporting cultural workers and service providers. Further, budget realism will be assessed, including taking into account the financial risks associated with the current situation, such as, for example, the limited capacity of live music venues.

Funding is subject to availability of funds and submitting an application does not guarantee funding.


Under this program, Canadian music companies, organizations, and artists-entrepreneurs, who are current Canada Music Fund (CMF) recipients as well as those targeted by the Emergency support under Stream 1, such as managers, booking agents, concert promoters and producers, for-profit festivals, and live music venues may apply. See Applicant Eligibility for full requirements.

Eligible to Apply Required Criteria
Artist-entrepreneurs ·         Must be active and have released an eligible Canadian sound recording[i] (individual title or collection of titles) after April 1st, 2018.

·         Performed on stage in 2019 or in 2020 and have had expenses of a commercial nature in 2019 or 2020 (i.e., hiring musicians, service contracts to support music activities, etc.).

Artist Managers & Booking Agents ·         At least 50% of revenues from the last fiscal year completed before the pandemic (or March 2020) came from music-related activities related to Canadian artists OR at least 50% of the artists on their roster must be Canadian artists.
Concert Promoters ·         At least 50% of revenues from the last fiscal year completed before the pandemic (or March 2020) came from music-related activities related to Canadian artists or demonstrate having been essential in the ecosystem i.e. in the development of Canadian artists.
Live Music Venues ·         Must be permanent spaces, with infrastructure for musical performances, such as a stage, sound and lighting system, etc.

·         A minimum of 25% of the 2019 programming was live musical performances featuring original commercial material (musicals, tribute bands, dinner-theatre, charity or corporate shows are not eligible activities for the CMF).

·         At least 50% of the 2019 musical programming was performances by Canadian artists or the venue must demonstrate that it is essential in the development of Canadian artists.

Music Festivals ·         At least 50% of the programming in its last edition was musical performances by Canadian artists or demonstrate that the festival is essential in the ecosystem i.e. in the development of Canadian artists
Current CMF Recipients ·         Demonstrate that the development of Canadian artists’ live music activities is a significant part of your current operations and that you continue to face financial pressures due to public health directives in place to address the COVID-19 pandemic for those activities.

·         Demonstrate you will present concerts this year.

How to Apply?

The link to apply for Support for Live Concerts is contained within the program guidelines.

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