Grant Name: Supporting Pathways to Care for People Who Use Drugs


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The objective of this new funding opportunity is to support projects that catalyze system-level change with enduring impact to enhance pathways to care and reduce barriers for people who use drugs.

Projects funded through this investment should support sustainable system-level change that includes:

  • Foundational policies or practice guidelines that embrace proven and promising intervention models that can support pathways to care and reduce barriers for people who use drugs;
  • Capacity development to increase the skills and knowledge of the workforce to implement the policies or practice guidelines; and
  • Practical tools and resources to support ongoing implementation.

Many proven and promising intervention models already exist that are helping to support effective pathways to care for people who use drugs and other marginalized groups and that are ready for scale-up, expansion or adaptation. Funded projects should leverage and mobilize existing evidence-based interventions, such as:

  • Peer support and system navigation that support people who use drugs to access available health systems.
  • Equity-oriented approaches, which aim to improve how systems are designed, organizations function, and practitioners engage with people, to respond to the unique and diverse needs of individuals.
  • Contact-based programing, which can help to reduce stigma and misconceptions about substance use and people who use drugs.

Project activities can include the development and implementation of:

  • Policies, practice guidelines/procedures.
  • Training materials and curriculum; and
  • Other practical tools and resources to support implementation.

Important Note: Projects funded through this investment cannot be used for the provision of services that are the responsibility of other governments or federal departments (e.g., health care delivery, purchase of medical devices, services on-reserve or within correctional facilities, etc.)


Only applicants in following categories may be considered for funding:

  • Canadian not-for-profit voluntary organizations and corporations;
  • for profit organizationsFootnote*;
  • provincial, territorial, regional and municipal governments and agencies;
  • organizations and institutions supported by provincial and territorial governments (regional health authorities, post-secondary institutions);
  • unincorporated groups, societies and coalitions; and
  • Indigenous organizations.

How to Apply?

The full application process for this solicitation consists of two stages. The first stage is the submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI) Form, with a cover letter and required appendices. The second stage involves PHAC inviting applicants whose LOIs are successful to submit a full proposal.

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Contact Information

To obtain a copy of the application documents and additional information about this solicitation, please contact: with the subject line LOI Pathways to Care.

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