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This Program offers money back on efficiency upgrades on everything from insulation and air-sealing to high efficiency central heating systems to windows, doors, and more (including ENERGY STAR certified products). A certified energy advisor will evaluate the home to find out where it needs upgrades and will give customized recommendations to improve space and water heating energy efficiency.


  • You must be the legal Property Owner in order to apply for the Total Home Energy Savings Program.
  • Your home is: a residential property, no more than three stories high, smaller than 600 m² (6458 ft²)*. Single-family homes, detached, side-by-side, or row homes are eligible.
  • Manufactured or Mobile homes are on a permanent foundation*.
  • Buildings must be habitable, structurally sound, and capable of receiving a home evaluation, as determined by a Certified Energy Advisor. The home must have all interior and exterior finishes in place (including, for example, siding and drywall) and have a functioning automated heating system, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • Buildings that participated in any of Efficiency NB’s programs or NB Power’s Home Insulation Energy Savings Program that still need upgrades.

How to Apply?

  1. Book an initial Home Energy Evaluation of your home. Visit our website or call us at 1 800 663-6272 to enroll in the Total Home Energy Savings Program and choose your service provider.
  2. Review your Renovation Upgrade Report. Shortly after your initial Home Energy Evaluation, you’ll receive a detailed report with prioritized recommendations to help you save energy and money along with an EnerGuide label showing the energy footprint of your home. Choose the projects you would like to complete from your report. If you have any questions during your project, contact your Program Guidelines : TOTAL HOME ENERGY SAVINGS PROGRAM 2 service organization. They will be happy to provide you with advice and guidance on many topics, including:
    • How to use your Renovation Upgrade Report to its fullest;
    • Understanding the science behind energy efficient home renovations;
    • Identifying the upgrades and energy efficiency products that are right for you.
  3. Complete the upgrades of your choice. Keep receipts for all materials purchased and all work done as they will be required during your final Home Energy Evaluation. Products, equipment, and materials must be purchased new (not used). Energy efficiency upgrades must be listed separately and distinctly from non-program related items; upgrades should be itemized and not grouped together under an umbrella term. Incentives will not be provided towards Primary Upgrades or Add-Ons purchased as part of an expansion (or addition) to the house. An expansion or addition to a house is defined as an increase in the heated floor area (or volume) compared to what was measured at the time of the initial Home Energy Evaluation. Unheated spaces are not eligible for incentives. Some examples of these spaces are: garages (attached or detached), unheated sun rooms, porches, or the underside of the roof in an attic with insulation on/in the floor (i.e. a “hot roof” application in a previously unheated space). Upgrades or Add-Ons installed in an unheated space with the intention of making it a heated space are not eligible for incentives. It is recommended that you contact your home insurance provider to ensure upgrades are covered by your policy. “Do it yourself” installation of products is permissible only if all applicable codes and standards are met. Some upgrades may require a building permit, while others may require special certifications or licenses. Some examples are:
    • Electrical work done by licensed electricians.
    • Refrigeration work (like installing a heat pump) done by licensed Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanics (RACM).
    • For work involving natural gas equipment, a G1 or G2 gas technician license would be required.
    • Biomass burning equipment should be installed by a Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified individual. Rented equipment may be eligible with prior approval of the rental agreement by NB Power. Please see the Eligibility Criteria for currently approved rental agreements.
  4. Complete your final Home Energy Evaluation. You have nine months from the date of your initial Home Energy Evaluation to complete your work and schedule a final Home Energy Evaluation. Once the work is complete, contact your Certified Energy Advisor or Service Organization to book your complimentary final Home Energy Evaluation. During the final Home Energy Evaluation, your Certified Energy Advisor will verify any upgrades you completed and perform a blower door test to measure the change in air tightness of your home. Your home will also receive an updated EnerGuide rating and label to reflect the work completed and the improved efficiency of your home. To ensure you receive your incentives, make sure you save all your receipts relating to upgrades you completed and make sure program related purchases are recorded separately from other items.
  5. Receive your incentive. Incentives – Payments are usually received within 90 days of your final Home Energy Evaluation, but this can fluctuate based on the volume of participants in the program. The fastest way to receive your incentive is by eTransfer or direct deposit. Alternatively, the default option is to receive any applicable incentives by cheque, but this typically has longer processing times. Sign up for e-Transfer Program Guidelines : TOTAL HOME ENERGY SAVINGS PROGRAM 3 when you register for the program or contact NB Power if you are an existing participant. For more information or to sign up for direct deposit, please visit
    • Any measures receiving incentives under the Total Home Energy Savings Program are not eligible to receive incentives from any other NB Power program.
    • Incentives will only be provided towards eligible upgrades and add-ons according to the criteria outlined in this document.
    • The total incentive provided to a participant cannot exceed the total costs of the energy efficiency upgrades.
    • Only work done, or products purchased after the date of the initial Home Energy Evaluation are eligible for incentives. Receipts and invoices must demonstrate this.
    • The Covid19 pandemic sometimes causes energy evaluations to be rescheduled. The requirement immediately above still applies in these cases. Re-enrollment If you have previously participated in a home retrofit program and are planning more work in the future, you are welcome to participate again. Please note that re-enrollment does not allow bundling with Primary Upgrades that were previously completed. When you re-enroll the fees and incentives available at that time will apply. NB Power reserves the right to create an expiry date for the program or to modify or cancel program participation should funding change or cease to be available. To contact NB Power, please call 1 800 663-6272 or online at

Funding Amount

Based on individual applications

Contact Information

1 800 663-6272

Processing Fee



New Brunswick

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